Saturday afternoon, in Germany, means lots of the smaller shops are shut.

Took a stroll to the Braunschweig main theatre.
Nothing on this Saturday night. Probably just as well. Comfy seat. Dark room. Music. Be hard to stay awake ๐Ÿ™‚
There were a few other theatres around the city. Maybe they had something.
Of the four others, I found two. One was closed. The other had a farce, on tonight. My German language skills would have to improve, quite a bit to make this worthwhile.
Never did find two theatres.โ€Ž
But the stroll did take me through much of Braunschweig. Which was the main purpose.
And the secondary purpose of finding a show was achieved. Lots of concerts on Sunday.

Enroute, I came across this “traditional” building…..

Gave a smile. Something you would expect to see in Queen-West-West ๐Ÿ™‚

All sorts of impressive museum, town hall and church buildings.ย 
With lots of pedestrian areas. Filled with cafes and restaurants.

I carried on to the last theatre on my map. Yup. Even with a map I missed two theatres! hahahaha

Found a sushi bar. Where I had a salmon bento-box…..

I know. Doesn’t look like a bento box ๐Ÿ™‚ Took the photo at the start of the meal. But was quite hungry by the time the bento box arrived. Was half-way through before I realised I should have a photo. Ah well. I’ll remember it.
Was quite acceptable. And reasonably priced.

Back to the hotel. Which was close by.

And an early night.

Sunday awoke really early. Answered some emails then back to sleep.
Awoke really late, to the sound of church bells.
Breakfast. Would have been, if I’d been 40mins earlier.

So did some research then went in search of culture.

First stop was the Theatre Park, which was….yup.
Had a bratwurst, apple-cheese-cake and a coffee.
As I sat down to enjoy breakfast theโ€Ž drumming session started. It was well done.
Next up were characters in costume, with a description of the 5W’s. Tougher to enjoy, so I wandered off.

Off to find the Braunchsweiger Lowe.
Famous is he. And appears on every MAN truck.ย 
Ended up back in the same square as yesterday, but no lion. So I asked a person who worked in the area, and he pointed it out to me. Can you see the famous lion……

Look at the top row of seating.
The gap with the two chairs.ย 
If you peer between the two chairs, there is the lion!
That’s what I thought too.
Not the best way to treat your city’s mascot.

Strolled around the rest of the “old-town”, ending up with a not bad pork and mushrooms…..

Back to send some emails.
Started getting weird messages, that I’ve never seen before. But the emails worked.

Then some chat.

All whilst watching Jackie Chan.
Like his little beard in the movie, Dragon Blade
Really enjoyed the movie. And there are valid ways the Romans could have ended up in China! Who would have thunk that!

Next morning, Monday, up and TaiChi.
First parade for the bike.ย 
Head out.

Nice place Braunschweig.
Thanks Nigel. ย