Up early on Tuesday.
First parade for the bike.
Head out. 
Earliest yet, I think. 8:40am. Usually start after the grumpy commuter traffic is done.

Took a quick look at the village, then headed south. Through a dark and tall forest, along winding roads. Expecting to see Hansel&Gretel come running out. 

When the forest finished, the balloons began.
A misty sky. 
And everywhere you looked, hot-air balloons.
The mist painted them all white. They were drifting in all directions and in and out of clouds.

A gingerbread and whisked cream morning 🙂

Ran on till the cold got to me.
Pulled in and took this photo of a BMW 1200R…….

What I neglected to include was the good looking lady rider. Mind, she looked WAY colder than I felt. Motorcycle speed is important. The faster you ride, the colder it gets

Had brunch.
Then rode on.

Got into my German home and Stefan said to unload the bike. Get it into the van. Next to his bike. So I did. Except for running the bike up the plank into the van. Stefan did that. With a bit of help from me.
I then expected that we would go to the BMW dealer together. Instead he handed me the keys.
Another trip down memory lane. Flat steering wheel and using only the side mirrors. I used to drive trucks. Had my Heavy Goods Vehicle licence. Any sized truck, that was not articulated. Army trucks. Over fields as well as along roads. And sometimes pulling a heavy generator. Those were fun days 🙂
At the dealer’s I reversed into the yard, and into the rear, unloading area. The mechanics unload both bikes.
I deftly parked.
Chatted with Thomas. This service will be pricier than the last! Welcome to the world of BMW!
And had a bit of conversation with Denver-Mike. A mechanic who came from the USA for a visit and never left. Us earth men are so easily led 🙂

Took the van back to find Darryl, NewYork-James (last year’s bicycle story which you won’t find in the blog), amd Michigan-Bob (August water-boiler, and that is his description).
Some stories and beers later we went for supper.
Then more beers. 
This euro a beer at Stefan’s is really draining the budget! hahaha

Up late-ish on Wednesday
Darryl and Michigan-Bob had left for the airport. NY-James was getting his bike ready. And an Aussie family was having breakfast. Another trip down memory lane. Kids 🙂

Pottered around planning the trip to Wien, where I have to be on Monday. Booked that hotel. Lots of  chat with NY-James. When he headed out, I went to pickup some cash, and a very late lunch.
The Australian family had their two munchkins and gear stowed on the landrover, and were heading out.

Ping’d BMW to find the bike was ready.
Caught the train.
Denver-Mike brought the bike around. 
We chatted.
And chatted.
I’ d put on my handle-bar muffs, so suggested a coffee.
We went to REWE. Sat there till they shut off the cafe lights. 
Went outside. Carried on the chat.
When the outside lights went out, I looked at the time. After midnight.
Giving Denver-Mike my blog details. I headed back to Stefan’s. My how time goes by when you are having fun!
To be honest, last night in the van, with two GPS devices, I messed up. Ended up going through downtown Heidelberg. Now in the wee hours of the morning, I had to find my way back, WITHOUT a GPS. Easy Peasy! Honest! Did not get lost. Was back in 30mins on a 35+min trip 🙂

Sat down to finalise my plans.
Had more emails, so slightly changed my route, and booked my hotels enroute Wien.
And went to bed VERY late.

The alarm awoke me on Thursday morning.
Breakfast alone. Now that is unusual.
Packed and off, after a chat with Boston, who had just arrived. Must be nice to live in a city that has a real hocky team. hahahahahahahaha

Off to the Czech Republic.
Zoom. Zoom. On less than 4hrs sleep.