So I crossed into the Czech republic. How did I know? It felt a lot like Ukraiina 🙂
And I missed the traffic jams 🙂 Seriously. The last two turn offs were JAMMED. Loads of trucks as well as cars.
And then it was all quiet. No traffic. Curvy country lanes. I’d chosen wisely. The no-tolls option. Just a nice ride. On roads that I was told were rubbish, but were as good as Germany.

Arrived at the hotel. Right in the heart of old-town Plzen.
Checked in.
Got a primo parking spot, but first, un-packed and gave the bike some TLC. Then rode over to my free motorcycle parking spot 🙂

Then went for a stroll.

Always choose a hotel where you can walk to the sights, and back.
Roamed around, past the cathedral. Tallest tower in Czechia.

Found a bank machine so took some Koruna out. Upon reflection, I took out too much. Could not believe I mis-read the zero’s! 
Now I have to come back after Wien. Just to spend the cash. 
How much cash? I could stay here for another week! What kind of populace needs that amount of cash from a machine? And I took less than half of what the machine was set up for!!! hahaha. 
Prague anyone?

After a walk through the streets and park, it was time for a beer.‎ Drank my pilsner. What else 🙂  And left the cellar for more strolling.

A sign promoting the Belfast Club called to me. Found they had cider,…..

 but no-one seemed to know about the club. Walked on.

Took a photo of the plague statue by the cathedral……

Found a nice winebar. 
Then a nasty one.

Back to the hotel, where I talked with Joseph (receptionist) and a friend of his, who is also training to be a teacher. 

Thus endeth my first day in the Czech republic.

Friday morning up to sunshine, and breakfast. 

Chat and stuff, then off to the brewery……

Yup. I am at the home of lager. Ground zero. The place that gave rise to cold, tasteless, fizzy, yellow beer.
Actually, the real stuff is not bad. We had some, straight from the barrel……

Can see why Czechs currently rank #1 in beer consumption per capita. Canada is a lowly 39th 🙁

The Beer Museum, just around the corner from my hotel, serves real Pilsner Urquell 🙂
Just don’t eat there……

Back to the hotel for a chat with Joseph, and a nap.
Needed the nap. Catching up on short sleep.

Turned out to be a longer nap than expected. Won’t make Don Juan tonight. So sat down and did some chores.
Booked my flight back to Canada. Yes. Watch out Canada. See you soon!

And so, back to bed.

Awoke before the alarm on a sunny Saturday morning.
First parade for the bike.
Loaded the bike up again.
Asked the gentleman on the park bench to move. He said he’d be alright. Lots of room. haha. Moved soon enough as I rode up the step. That was when he realised how wide the bike is with the boxes.

And with that, rode out of Plsen.

Mixed thoughts on this city. The park across from the hotel summed the place up. Nice idea, but grafitti, and an annoying noise from the exhaust fan on the nearby restaurant.