Lunch in Horn at the really nice, Leo cafe.
Then a walkabout. For those who remember, you could say I went “Around the Horn” πŸ™‚ “Oh Charles” “Yes, Fiona”………

Rain held off till the last 60km. Found a place to fill up. Dressed. Rode into Vienna.

Hotel was really nice. Gave me parking inside their courtyard. Zharko did not even mind when I clipped a door!

Ping’d and was picked up by Dr. Roman Lahodynsky.
A chat.
Then a visit to the cathedral.
ps: hint for visiting Vienna. A weekly metro pass is only 16euros.

We met up with Otmar Lahodynsky for supper…..

Then drinks in a beer kellar. Where Roman’s wife joined us.

And home.

Tuesday morning, up late. Glad I did not take the breakfast option.
Roman picked me up and we went to the military museum. Motto? “Wars belong in museums”. I like that.
Building itself is a piece of history.
It is full of artifacts. Could have spent a full day.

Walked back to the hotel, and went shopping forβ€Ž a shirt. Otmar had arranged for an invite to the party at theβ€Ž Ukrainian embassy……

Though I suspect a Canadian passport and speaking Ukrainian would have sufficed πŸ˜‰
GREAT party.
Entertainment was provided by kozaki, demonstrating sword skills. Serious skills. I dabbled with sabres in my student days. These men were GOOD!
I was first at the party. Everybody was interesting. Great conversations.
Food was excellent……

And the vodka flowed.

Up to a sunny Wednesday morning.
TLC for the bike.
Coffee and strudel for brunch πŸ™‚

Roman came over, and we headed to the Technik museum. Lots to see.Β 

Then we went over to the oldest part of Vienna, full of brewpubs. And an EXCELLENT beer.

Then Roman took me to the Museum Section, via the smallest house in Vienna.
He had things to prepare for this evening’s supper party.
And I elected to find some chocolates.

Was a bit of a walk, but I found the chocolates, and some schnapps and cabanossi πŸ™‚
Found an Irish pub! They really are everywhere.

Back at the hotel, cleaned up and out for supper at Roman’s.
Nice food.
Two drinks.
Lots of conversation.
Sing-songs. Ihor was a standout on the guitar.
And the party broke up at 2am.

Thursday morning up before the alarm.
Rode the bike out – without hitting a door. I’d taken one of the boxes off πŸ˜‰ Loaded outside the hotel. Zharko came out to bid me farewell. Nice, biker-friendly, gentleman. And owner of the hotel.

Headed south. Along the “biker alley”, Triester Strasse, on the outskirts of Wien. Lots of motorcycle shops and dealers. The furthest out being H-D.Β 

Sunny and 25degC. Perfect day for riding.

Arrived in Gumpoldskirchen very soon πŸ™‚
Took a look around.
Vineyards all around. Wonder what I will find here