Rode through Gumpoldskirchen. Twice. Took less time then it takes to say the name. OK. I may be exaggerating a little.
Had time to visit a winery, and still arrived early.
Parked at the hotel. They were super nice, and I was given the key to the room.
Took a stroll.‎
At the first leafy courtyard, had lunch…..

Took a look around. Found this notice. Famous Canadians have already been here……

Up to the church. Walked the maze. Said a prayer. Lots of people need them.

Then seeing the dark clouds, went back home.
Just as well. Hotel suggested I put the bike into the garage. That is how windy it had become. 

Back to catch up on my blog. Have been having too much fun in Wien!!! hahahahahaha. YES!

And then it was time for bed.

Friday morning all sunny.

Dressed and took the bike out for a tour. Scenic route to Baden. Apparently, I’d be beaten with sticks if I ventured over the hills along the trails. Pity. The trails have the best views and get to all the castles.
Maybe I should hike? Perish the thought! I am Canadian!

Baden ended up being bigger than it looks. Nice place……..

All that walking took it’s toll. had to have lunch,…..


Which is right where I parked the bike 🙂

Got lost on the way back. Truth be told. I did not think the right hand turn was a road. Looked like a scuzzy driveway! Bailed. 
But I got to see more of Austria.
And found a LIDL. I know. That’s like saying I found a Starbucks. Or a Timmies in Canada. But I managed to find some munchies, which I was running low on.

Got back, and ran some TLC on the bike. RHS pannier is moving. Disconcerting bump, every now and again. Hopefully it was just a positional thing. Looked before, and could not figure it out. Placed back on the frame, seems OK. This one NEVER gets taken off the bike. Has tools, first-aid, extra petrol, etc…..
We shall see.
Took the extra petrol and put it into the bike. Have been carrying it for the autobahns. Mileage DROPS at autobahn speeds, and for peace of mind have been carrying extra fuel. Put it into the tank to fill it up. And to empty the Rotopax.

Then time for a pub-crawl. Not riding till Monday.
Nothing heard from Otmar, so I am staying the weekend here. Well that is my excuse 🙂 But seriously, have tried looking for the Lahodynsky villa/museum in Ukraine, and found nothing!
So I need to wait for some info, and do some planning. I remember TomTom in Ukraiina. NOT GOOD!

Ref the wine-crawl. 
The theory here is that if there is a light on, over the front door, the place is open for business. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Don’t go towards the light”. hahaha
Had an excellent time. 
Last place I met a couple involved in point of sale, software! Small world.

And so to bed.
On a lovely Friday night 🙂

RomanL says:

Otmar is in Vinkovci, Croatia, will be there for a while.
If you stop at hotel Magnat in Delatyn, you will see the photo of the villa/museum of Mikola Lahodynskyj in the room left to the bar. If you first drink a beer at the bar, the dining room (with the old photographs) is on the way to the toilets. Nice guestrooms are on the first floor of a wooden house. The hotel is on the main road, and also the museum. On the cemetery you can find the grave of Mikola. Deltyn was closed town in soviet times, because in a side valley was the SS20 rocket assembling unit. During WW1 the Russians already had destroyed the building of the saline spa, so there is not much to find besides the churches and the museum.

biker says:

already booked the Magnat 🙂
for 3 days.
am hoping for a massage. This motorbike stiffens up the upper back and shoulders.

RomanL says:

Gumpoldskirchen is one of the most famous wine resorts. Wine is in the area since roman times. Now its the time of the harvest and of wine festivals. Area is famous of white wine. Start with a “Grüve”, the “Green Veltliner”, which has a bit of a taste like fresh pepper. Then I recommend a Pinot Blanc, called here “Weissburgunder”, followed by the local sorts “Rotgipfler” or “Frührot Rotgipfler” – instead of bearing “red” in their names, they are white grapes (to confuse the tourists?) – and Zierfandler (perhaps the Californian Zinfandel is derived from it). You can end with a “Gelber Muskateler” or try a “Zweigelt”, preferable a Kabinet (really a red wine). There is also a nice beer pub amidst all the wine growers.
The wine growers are granted the right to serve small dishes besides selling their own products, since 300 years (Maria Theresias time). Their pubs are open only during a few weeks of the year, following a rotational plan. To signal that the wine pub is open, there are some electric bulbs and some fur-tree twigs, nicely arranged above the entrance. Such a wine pub is called a “Heurige”, because the Heurige wine is served here. Heuriger wine means wine of this year, although its of course the wine which grew and was harvested last year. Another trap!

biker says:

had much fun discovering the above 🙂

RomanL says:

Some of the bigger winegrowers have full- licensed restaurants, and they serve really tasty traditional food, but you should visit also a smaller “Heuriger”, which is not open all the time and serves just a few dishes, like bread with “Schweineschmalz mit Grammeln and onions” or with Liptauer (soft cheese with paprika), or with pumpkin seed paste, and sliced cold pork, Blutwurst and sausages.