Saturday morning up before 6am to the sound of rain. Glad not to be riding.


Had another look at TomTom software. As of the begining of 2017 the update process was broken. Took a look to see if maybe there was a workaround by now.
Left a post in the Community. Hope spring eternal.

Had also spent some time yesterday looking at other map programs for my BlackBerry. NavFree no longer appears to connect to their servers for updates. Needed to download a map of Ukraiina
MAP.ME just did not work. 
GeniusMaps works, but does not understand the BlackBerry keyboard paradigm. So cannot enter Capitals, Numbers, nor Special characters. Weird    

This was tiring so I had a nap.

Then onto research and updating the family site.
Otmar sent along info, so I could plan a route to see Villa Lahodynskyj. A real place as far as I know. Have to go see! Back to Ukraiina.
In the course of doing my research, came across another Lahodynskyj! So updated the Lahodynskyj website.
Yup. There’s more of us 🙂

That took me to the Leicester game. Both Richard and Barry sending updates. Luckily it ended in a draw. Leicester were 1-0 down early in the second half.

A walk back to last night’s final place, KaufmannSchellmann
Yes the light was on.
Start off with a weiss wine…..

The green in the window due to the vines. Going all the way to the horizon 😉
Added some munchies……

Much later, some roast pork and crackling…….

Nice to be in a civilised country. My definition? Roast pork WITH crackling.

Took the long walk back. 
Main street was jumping. But in an Austrian village way. Nice. 

Been a nice day. Restfull, yet busy.
And dry after this morning’s rain. 
Am full after supper. 
With a tinge of regret. No room for what looked like excellent strudel.
Now am watching the Bourne Identity for the umpf time, but the first in German 😉

G’nite All.

RomanL says:

First time I read your blog. What about other lahos? Please inform us! The laho villa/museum is in Delatyn, we stayed in hotel magnat where you will see old photos of the villa and the salt- spa. If you want to drive throygh Slovakia, take the normal road from Bratislava to Trencin, but along the wine villages (Pezinok). North of Trencin take the mountain road eastward to cultural village of Cicmany. Further northward towards the Tatra, then eastward to see the Zips towns.

biker says:

All the Lahodynskyj family that I hear about is listed in the PAGES section of the blog.
Found Hnat from the 1700’s 🙂

Richard says:

That’s not fair for showing all that great food to someone who has had their upper jaw taken out. Arghhh!
Time for finch and chimps.

biker says:

I’ll try and avoid photographing the “shquarki” in Ukraine and Poland.
Will try and remember to eat boiled, not fried perogis 🙂