Up to a grey Sunday morning.
TaiChi. Have been neglecting that a bit. Time to stretch the body out.
Then sit in the porch and watch/listen to the rain fall. Glad not to be riding today ๐Ÿ˜‰

Went up to my room and spent most of the day planning my run to Villa Lahodynskyj. And out.ย 
Always was going to be in through Hungary. But now it will be out via Lviv and Poland.ย 
Going into Slovakia was going to leave me with at least one 6hr day.
One thing I have noticed about my motorcycle seat. After 3 long days, I can feel the plastic frame.

Planning involved watching Batman movie, dubbed in German. Michael Caine still comes across as Michael Caine ๐Ÿ™‚

Planning done, started looking out of the window. The rain had stopped. So out for a stroll. Tried to see the rest of the old town.
The new town is quite industrial and runs to the east. It is quite large, by comparison to the old town.

First winery was very nice, but I ignored the piece of paper on the table. Reserved from 7pm for someone. Waitress pointed it out to me. But that left me lots of time.
Tried two whites. One finishing really heavy on tannins, but mellowed as a spritzer. And that was the expensive one! ย Waitress really nice, offered me another table, but I was on a mission. Drank up.
Walked over to a place that I had passed by on my first evening. Loads of laughter on the patio that day. Walked into the restaurant. Then climbed up the stairs and over closed gate and the safety board! Nothing keeps me from my supper!!! What an obstacle course! The rear area was the only part open, accessed via the back door. Locking the front door and adding a sign, would have rid me of an adventure ๐Ÿ™‚
Lots of laughter in the rear bar that night ๐Ÿ™‚
Had the tradition tagliattelle……

Walked home and to bed.
A nice way to end the day.

Monday morning up before the alarm.
First parade on the bike.
Head over to the bank and exchange my Czech Koruna for Euros. Not too bad on the exchange either. That makes a change.

Headed out, running for the border.
Once over in Hungary, purchased a highway voucher (10euros, for 10days, for a motorcycle) and exchanged some Euros for Forints.
Bottle of OJ (990Forints)
Ran on.
Some 160km stopped to fill up. TLC for the bike. And an espresso for me.
Gave Barry a shout. I do like this Euro package on the phone. Can call the UK and use up to 9GB of my monthly data plan, from anywhere. Shall have to look up the plan for Ukraiina.

Made this blog entry, waiting for the chain lube to “dry”.

This is me having left Gumpoldskirchen.