There I was about to zoom off from the Hungarian service station, when I met a Polish biker, riding the BMW 1300. He’s out for a week’s touring.
Lives close to Krakow. On his 1300 he has to wait for his buddies 🙂
One of his riding buddies showed up, so I headed out.

TomTom took me through Budapest rather than around. No complaints. City view. Took me back to last year.
Just weird. When I checked last night, I was supposed to go around the city on the ring road. Weird. 

Arrived at a hotel that I stayed at last year in Gyöngyös
Different room. Nice bathroom.  
Place reminds me of one of those TV shows where people are doing piecemeal rennovations without a plan. Surface stuff. Looks nice but misses the basic stuff. And will have to be redone.
This year’s concierge spoke zero English and as much German as me. Maybe less. he told me 7:30 for supper. Their restaurant was OK last year.
Did some chores.
Went to the restaurant. Dark. Well. There was some question between 7:30 and 8:30. It was nearly 8:30 but no activity in the kitchen. Asked someone else. Restaurant is closed on Monday’s.

Back at reception, in our bad German, I was told where the old town was. The centrum had restaurants. 
Walked down. 
Looks nice. I missed this the last time.

Only places open were Italian. So I had minestrone soup…..

Some of it was out of a can. but most was real. 

Rissotto Funghi and Spaghetti Olio arrived together……

Rissotto was very good. No cheese either!
Spaghetti had been rinsed. Yea Gods. Off with their heads!
And despite skipping breakfast AND lunch, I was full 🙂

Walked back and to bed.

Tuesday up to a grey morning.
Dressed for rain. It had already started.
Ran the highways. My next stop was near to the border. No food, so wanted to arrive in plenty of time to do some shopping.

Arrived at the house, a little early. So took a look around. One horse town, and the horse was gone.

Back at the house, called the owners and their parents came over. Room not quite ready, so sat and updated my notes for the blog.

Room ready. 
Keys sorted.
I asked about restaurants. The town a few clicks back that I’d passed through.
Went back and found the supermarket I’d seen. Did some shopping. Pity. All the salami and cold-cuts are full of nitrates, colour and other stuff.

Rode back to the house.
TLC for the bike.
Setup the laptop in the dining room and got to work.

After the chores, had some fun. Everybody should have a hobby. 
Had ping’d the TomTom community to see if anyone had a fix for the issue preventing my TomTom receiving updates. Had some moderator jump in with useless info. Then someone else suggesting I find an idiot and download TomTom software on their laptop. They thought I was in Canada. Went really quiet when I told them I was in Hungary.
So if anyone has a driver that works with WindowsXP and a TomTom Rider 400, let me know 🙂
Meanwhile I had a plan B.

Ate supper. 
Feta-type cheese. Pickled-ish salad. And German style rye bread.
Dessert was a banana.
After dinner was brandy-filled chocolates, and a 2GBP bottle of sweet bubbly.
Did not eat all of either the chocolates, nor drink all of the bubbly. Must be getting sensible?

‎An early night.

Awoke to an almost sunny Wednesday morning.
Checked the bike. It had been raining. Set the tire pressures to be a little low. Not much. Need a balance between patch size, and rim protection.

Breakfast of banana, grapes and green tea. If this carries on I may regain my slim figure. 

Rode out.

Some 30mins later at the border.
Hardly any traffic! 
Hungarian side was zoom-zoom.
Ukrainian side was more difficult. I must have been the first visitor in ages. Caused a bit of a delay.
Then out.

TomTom said turn right.
I should have checked with my PlanB. GeniusMaps is a free download. My NavFree will no longer connect to their server, so I could not download a map of Ukraine. GeniusMaps did.‎ If I would have checked, I would have had the shorter route. Ah well. 

The roads in Ukraine are worse than I remember. 
Want to improve your off-road skills? Come to Ukraiina. If you survive. hahahahaha‎

Stopped for a sip of tea, and a bite of marzipan.
Checked with GeniusMaps, which is when I realised I was on the longer route. Nothing to do but press on. Which is what I did, deferring to GeniusMaps rather than TomTom at intersections. Yea Gods! Even a free app for the phone is better than TomTom. 

Thanks to GeniusMaps I arrived safely at Vynohradiv.
Indoor parking for the bike.
Nice room.
A tall espresso.
Updated this blog.

Glad I set a short ride. Took nearly 5hrs to get to this point.  

Hungary is done. 
Ukraiina, and Villa Lahodynskyj, begins 🙂