Once through the border and into Poland, it was ridiculous. The traffic jam, and slow progress, were replaced by an empty 3-lane highway! Zoom. Zoom. 

Arrived in Rzeszow soon enough. I have learnt my lesson on border crossings. Expect to spend a couple of hours waiting. So it wasn’t too far on the other side.

Once in the city, needed to find my hotel. Tricky. Hotel was hidden by scaffolding. Had to park and go walkabout to find the place. Turned out to be a good thing as I was given directions to the parking, that I would not have otherwise found. 

Changed shirts, as the sun was out. 
Found an excellent kebab place nearby for lunch. 

Walked downtown via a pedestrian roundabout. This is a first in my travels……

Found the main square, that was pretty and holding an OktoberFest. I took this photo……

…and kept walking.

Went to “Lubomyr’s family castle“. I kid you not……

A second look at the clever fountains in the garden next door.
Then I walked into the hillside for an espresso in possibly the deepest coffee bar/restaurant, in the world 🙂

Then back to the hotel.
Had some more planning to do. 
Am booked into Bonn to checkout a better windshield for the bike. 
Then head to the UK. Better get there. Have the ferry back to France, and the comfy cabin, already booked!
Then updated my blog ref Ukraiina. 
Miss my new friends already. Good crew. Remind me of my father’s crew. Gentlemen, but a fun bunch.

And so fell asleep.

Up on a sunny Tuesday morning to the smell of cigarettes. Should mention the scaffolding was right there. I’d left the window open overnight. Builders were back on shift. Closed the window. And waved to the builders.


Breakfast. Was going to be a small one. But happened to sit at a chef’s table. Chef gave me perogis 🙂
And a reminder for people of the USA to remember that their constitution demands ” L‎ife, Liberty and pursuit of happiness” And happiness is found through real beer! hahahahahaha. Brilliant 🙂
He’d been over to the USA and was saddened by the bad beer, served everywhere. He estimates there are a 1,000 micro-breweries in Poland.
We both agreed that the world would be a much better place if people ate and drank proper stuff only 🙂 And focused their energies on ensuring their food was real and properly cooked. 

With my tummy full, and heart lightened, I packed the bike and rode off.

Was a nice sunny morning.
After an hour on the highway, was down to a misty and chilly 13degC.
Rode on thinking of a bigger windshield.
Zoom. Zoom.

With the tank running on 1/4, I found a place and filled up. Almost washed the bike. They had a washpoint with hose, etc. But can’t remember washing it since May, so why start now 🙂

Shortly after the fillup, was time to get off the highway. As I came off, found two police officers. Perfect spot. You don’t see them until you are committed to going up to them. 
They had a breathalyser! Needless to say I passed. Though Chef was promising to show me some good Polish drinks!

The rest of the ride to Katowice was through towns and villages. Nice to see something, other than highway.
Things warmed up. Both because the sun came out. And because my speed was down from 140kph to 70kph. 
And within the hour, I was at the hotel. 

Gave the bike some TLC and went for a stroll.

My hotel is in between the “wings” and main square. Great location. 
Took a look at the Wings then went up the hill. A conference centre with a grassy roof. From which I had a nice view of the city. 
Walked over to the mining museum. This area was known for it’s coal mines and ironworks. Big queue to get to the viewing platform on top of the old mine’s windlass. So walked into the old town. 
Am still kicking myself for not going into the Wege restaurant. They probably had vegetarian cabbage rolls. 

A bit further on this sign caught my eye……

No translation required!

Walked on to the old square with nice fountains and a little market.
Then back towards the hotel. Through the impressive and HUGE main square. 

Back at the hotel, found the restaurant is closed till breakfast. Aaaaagh. Had visions of perogis, some kind of soup, etc.   
Went for kebab. Next door 🙁

To make matters worse had to do some paperwork.‎ Took till 2230hrs. 
Needed some recreation. Took a look at the new comments on my request for help updating the maps on TomTom. 
Tried both suggestions. Some elements must have worked. I can update again! 
And with that happy thought, went to sleep.

Wednesday morning up at 6am and wondered why 🙂
Listened to the Beeb for half an hour, then up for TaiChi.
Am really stiff this morning. This zoom, zooming at highway speeds with only a little windshield, is like having a pillow fight. Fun at first. Then hard work.

Packed and rode out, sans breakfast. 
Ran till nearly lunchtime.
Weather had turned chilly. 13degC and misty. 
And I needed to fill up. 
The petrol station I found had a restaurant. Perfect. Time for breakfast. Real cheese&potato perogis……

On the way out, I used the last of my Zloty to buy some chocolate. JIC. 
And rode on.

An hour later, was begining to feel tired, so popped some chocolate and rode on.
Helped for a bit.
Stopped again to fill up. Nice chat with the attendant about his family in North America. From Hamilton to Chicago. 

Rode into Dresden. Time I had a look. Been riding by this past year, but never stopping.
TomTom tried to lead me up a one-way street, so I parked. Next to a cafe. 
Took out my phone, and in between chats with passers-by, found somewhere to stay. 
Had a coffee. 
Took a look into the “cathedral“. 
Which is where I saw Ontario…..

Rode off to the guest house. 
Tricky parking spot. But easy for one who has survived Ukraiina 😉

TLC for the bike.
Walked the 100metres for supper. 
Real cream of mushroom soup….

And a real schnitzel…..

So endeth my Poland run. 
Nice place. Perfect strangers have bought me food in the USA, Ukraiina and now Poland 🙂

Djinkuye bardzo Rzeczpospolita Polska 🙂

Richard says:

Prozce bardzo.