Running to Wunderlich

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Up late on a Thursday morning. Feeling rested but needing a massage. 
TomTom update finished 🙂 The fix worked. My maps were 9mths old.
Updated the blog.
Tai Chi.
Breakfast of tea, chocolate and museli. There was a small kitchen in the place. So easy to make the tea.
Checked the tires (warmer than yesterday).
Boots are properly dry since the wet ride into Lviv, three days ago. Takes a while. 
And with that happy thought‎ rode off. From a nice village-like suburb of Dresden.

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

Time to fill-up. Good. I need lunch.
Then. Horror of horrors. The kitchen is closed. 
47km to the next rest stop. 
Time to go.  

Zoom! Zoom! 
And then some more. 
And more.

Getting close to stopping time. Needed to find somewhere for the night. 
Pulled into the next service station and filled the bike up.
Bowl of gulasch soup.
Found accommodation. A bit further than my plan, which is good. Shorter ride into Wunderlich tomorrow.

Ran into traffic for much of the last 100km. Must be rush hour. 

And the light is ending earlier. 
Autumn colours in the trees. 
Leaves on the road. 
Winter is coming.

Final top-up of the bike.
And final 0.3km to the hotel.
Traditional German style. Organised. And with a bar and restaurant.
TLC for the bike and unpacked.
Posted the TomTom solution. 

Repaired to the bar for supper.
Tad disappointing. 
IMHO it all came out of the freezer 🙁

Planned the route for tomorrow. Am staying in Diez. Original home of the Dutch royal family. 
Will take a look tomorrow morning.

G’nite all.

Up at 7am on a Friday morning. Looks like it might have rained. 
Rode out. 

First waypoint was blocked by construction. Rode on, and the ended up riding by Diez Castle anyway 🙂
Had chosen a scenic route. A good choice. The road from Diez to Bad Ems is awesome. Rolling hills. Autumn colours. And roads that reminded me of Cinque Terre
Now don’t go telling everyone about the route. It was quiet. Beautiful. And perfect.
Ran through Koblenz that really looks ugly-strip-mall along the roads.
Then along the Rhine river. Outstanding. 

HINT: When a sign states 50kph max, stick to it! The twistie roads, the steep gradients, and the outstanding views conspire to make you an accident.

Arrived safely at Wunderlich
They had a test windshield 🙂
I tried fitting it. 
3hrs later called it quits. Not so much the time, as the “force-u-vatti” factor. And part of it attaches to a super-glued plastic section. Remember the bird strike?
Still. I must have got a good tan. 
And met Fried. Head of IT at an insurance company. Nice lad.

Headed up to Bonn.
Found the hotel. Man’d by Jenny, an army brat (her words). Father was a Royal Engineer.
Parked the bike. Not much required in the way of TLC. Only 94km covered.

And off to the original Bonn brewhouse 🙂