Friday saw me down a beer or three at Bonnsch whilst having a schnitzel supper……

Walking back to my hotel, stopped by Flynn’s for a nightcap. And to see if Leicester’s game would be on TV – sadly, the answer was no. 
Still did meet a barmaid from Brighton and a barman from Cork. 

And thus to bed.

Saturday morning up to the sound of rain. 
Posted my blog so everyone can see I made it to Bonn. 
Out to check that the bike is covered AOK (Yes)

Then breakfast. 
Spinach strudel and an espresso.

Walked onto Beethoven’s House
Glad I paid the extra 2:50euros for the audio guide. Was told a bit more than the leaflet AND had appropriate music 🙂
Watch out for the tours. They are controlled, but they are loud.  

Walked out into heavy rain. And to where the music was playing. Swing band. Found this booth…..

that served an excellent fish soup.

Walked on to find some sausages. Paella. Cheese. 
And some pop-up cards. Really cute AND clever 🙂

By now I was damp.
So picked up some bread, a bag to hold all the shopping, and returned to the hotel. 

Changed into dry clothing. 
And sorted out my run to Folkestone.
Paid some bills.

Switched off my auto-loan option at the library. Have 3 books to “read”. 
Decided that the book “Less is More” was too much, and returned it. Seriously. You would have thought the author would have made his book simple. A list of people who have recommended a simple life. A list of issues with a cluttered life. Ending with a step-by-step process to simplify your life. Instead was treated to an introduction that was filled with techno-babble, and so called it quits.  
That simplified my life.
Am now working my way through English history. 

And an early night. 

Up late, to a sunny Sunday morning
TaiChi. My neck and right shoulder have been getting stiffer these past few days. Think it was due to the time on the computer.

Out for a stroll.
Quite the walk. I went around the old town, not seen so far.
The street markets were getting back into position. 
Bought some French nougat. 
Then some ramen with vegetables.
Out to the Rhine.
Then north along the riverbank. 
Back to the hotel, and a nap 🙂

Out back to the street festival. 
So far heard swing, trad jazz, and opera. Not bad for free 😉

Found really good gulasch soup here……

Then mailed the foldout-origami-cards. Hope I got the right postage.

Then back for a supper. Ended up being lamb chops…..

Back at the hotel to do some cleanup on the laptop. 
And look at some email clients. Pegasus came up. Think I last saw/used that was in 1996 🙂

Checked the blog. Austrian tribe added comments. There is another villa to see! In Lviv. hahahaha

And took that as an indication to have an early night. 

Up on a grey Monday morning at 6am. Lay in bed listening to ‘Just a Minute‘ 🙂
Then up and TaiChi.
Packed most of my stuff, then went for the bike.

First parade showed low colant. Not unusual after autobahn runs. Found a BMW motorrad dealer 2km away. 

Brought the bike back to the hotel.
Off to get coolant. 

My thanks to the NICE people at BMW Motorrad Bonn 🙂 Topped up with 100ml of coolant AND checked for any leakage. Gratis 🙂 🙂 🙂

Rode out of Bonn feeling content. 
Nice time.
Bike AOK. 

Even the rain could not dampen my mood, as I headed out to Calais