Moved my bike into position for Stefan to take it in for service.
Stashed all the luggage that gets left behind.
Packed my carry-on.
And now that I have hurried up, I can wait 🙂

Nice cabbie to the airport. 

No line-ups. 
Nice security staff. Helpful. Polite. Considerate. 

Stopped for a sandwich. Shouldn’t have. Though the OJ was good.
Found the proper restautant and had sausages with sauerkraut and mash…..

It was OK. 
And you could watch the planes take-off and land.

And before I knew it, time to get to my gate.

Seat from *ell? Father had the window seat. Mother the aisle seat. Their 15mth old boy was with them. Mine was the middle seat. 
As it was, kid was great. Mother offered me the aisle seat. Then asked me to sit in the window seat. 
8hr flight passed uneventfully. 

Landed a bit late. Flight had been delayed because some passengers missed their boarding call, but their luggage was on board.
And home in Canada.
Time to renew my library card. 
See you on my next ride.

June says:

Have just caught up with your blog. (Been away in Bordeaux.)
Lovely to read of all your adventures.
Take care xx

biker says:

Bordeaux 🙂
Red wine 🙂 🙂 🙂