Awoke really late at 9:30am on Saturday. Though, to say I was awake is an exaggeration. I felt that I should stay in bed. Even though I crashed last night around 8pm. Awoke around 1am. Then back to sleep some 40mins later. 

But things to do. So got myself out of bed.
TaiChi. That was hard. Combination of the jet-lag and skipping the exercise.
Then prep the bike. Put on the RHS pannier. Check the tire pressures. 
Updated my paperwork.
Sorted out my riding gear. 

Before I left Stefan showed us his classics in the garage, before they shipped out that day……

Then out on the road. My first run in two weeks. 
I was sensible and skipped the highways. You really have to be super quick. My mind was not even quick.
Ran to the shop where I bought my last pair of boots. Sabina the owner remembered me. Is it my charming personality? Or that I arrived in a torrential downpour, and fitted my feet into a tiny pair of boots? Too easy?
No tiny boots at her store. But was a pair at her husband’s store. Was only half an hour away.
Peter’s store was full of boots. Some with GoreTex. But at the end, same-same. Scored a coffee (breakfast), and a tube of sealant (for the boots).  

Rode back really happy.
Plus the autumnal colours were in full swing. Awesome. 

Back to park the bike. Not so easy with the amount of other bikes in the yard. Yesterday two young ladies from Maryland, and Big John from southern England had added their bikes to the “pile”.
TLC for the bike. best done now. Is forecast rain from tonight for the next few days.

Then off to the butcher’s party. Wholesale butcher along the street has an annual party. Was after 3pm and even I needed to eat. Only a coffee all day.
I may have over-bought……

The ribs were REALLY good. 
And a nice chat with the people at my table. Plus a waitress (daughter of the owner).
I was IMPRESSED as to how they setup for a party. Very simple. Very clever. 

Walked over to the slide show. Stefan was showing how he took the family, including 6 kids, on a road trip around the world. Now that is a brave man! And they all survived. Including the worst road in the world.
As for the mechanicals. One of the bikes blew a piston. One was rear-ended. And a couple of punctures. 
Awesome, considering some dozen rode around the world.

The crowd from the road-trip presentation moved onto the butcher’s place. 
I went back to my room. 
Needed to follow-up on a few things. Have a cuppa. Prep my new boots. Then get some rest. 
Even as the butcher’s music played on. Despite the promised rain.

Sunday up late, again 9:30am
Easier to get up than yesterday. 

Checked my computer. Had finally figured out how to set my new SD card to NTFS. Technical term meaning I can copy files over 4GB onto the card. Took a while. The straightforward process (format) does not work. But DOS Convert does. Go figure! Now if I can only figure out how to access all 62GB instead of 28GB, that would be excellent.
What I have done is moved my movies onto the SD card. This frees up some 17GB of space on my 79GB hard-drive. A quick solution to the lack of free space. 
To confirm everything was OK, I watched ‘The Bishops Wife‘.  
Now there is a movie to get you into the Christmas spirit!  

Whilst the movie was running, I started the search for my trip to Ukraiina. Ukrainian Christmas in Lviv. Gotta be good 🙂 And I know a guy with serious salo, chisnik and samahonka, plus friends. hahahaha
Flight, hotel and transport are all booked now.

With that in place I sorted out my Spanish ferry. Never managed to book Spain to Portsmouth before. Long trip. 22hrs to 24hrs. Depending on which route. But am now going up in December. Back in January.

And  to bed with CBC’s 12 Songs of Christmas ringing in my head. 
Yup. It’s begining to look like Christmas 🙂
NOTE: This CBC show is a must-watch! Seriously good.

Monday morning up early, so back to sleep. Awoke 9:30am again, and went in search of Stefan. 
Had chatted with Nigel yesterday to find he is busy Monday. So lunch on Tuesday it is.
I could not find ANYWHERE nearby to stay, so need a couple more nights here. 

Met Frank. Retired doctor from Florida. In the past 20yrs he’s been EVERYWHERE on his bike eg: Silk Route. Including helping Stefan in Chile on his round-the-world trip. 
Good chat.
Had lunch together. Frank picked up the tab.
Seriously. Americans are such nice people. Why do they shoot so many of their own???

Called up the BMW garage. Was going to ride out but the rain had started again. They had not charged me for the work done. And yet they had my credit card details. Charge was put through as we chatted. 
I’ll pick up the bill tomorrow.

Frank had passed along some wisdom for my trip to Toulouse.  So, I b‎ooked my first hotel in France. 
Means I can checkout Strasbourg, spend the night in a nice place, and pick up a Zippo lighter at the Lyon Hard Rock Cafe. The things we do for friends from Leicester. hahahaha.

Talking of friends. Youngsters are such…….. Well. How many out there would take their young lady to a footie game on Boxing Day in England?
I bid “Only the idiots” 🙂
Still. He’s a good lad. So I have to try for tickets. Which I started last night. “I know a guy, who……”

And that was all I could do on Monday afternoon.
Took a nap. 

Awoke to no sign of Frank. So went for supper.
Hey Mikey, remember this……

Followed by an anchovy pizza …..

And espresso. Seriously strong. Seriously hot 🙂
All zer gut. 
But what else from a Sardinian? ! 🙂

And by the end of the meal, Nigel had confirmed tomorrow’s lunch time and location. 

Heidelberg Planning complete. 
Ride towards Spain on Wednesday.