Germany Wraps-up. France Begins

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Up to a grey, damp Tuesday morning
Perfect timing.
Rode up to see Thomas @ BMW and collect my bill.
Then arrived 15mins early at the Chinese restaurant. Gave me time to park the bike, undress (over-trousers only), and cover up the bike. Had been dry the last third of the journey, but you never know. 

Checked inside the Chinese restaurant. No sign of Nigel.
Walked outside, and there he was, on his bicycle. 
Margaret staying home to do housework.

Buffet lunch was good in parts.
Excellent coconut curry soup, and crispy chicken. 
Rice and the veggie stir-fry were good. 
The rest varied. 
We chatted.
And ate. 
And chatted. 
Nigel noticed that we were the last two. He paid. And we left.
To chat some more.

I rode off, sans highways. 
Nigel cycled home. To a clean house and, I bet, a nice cup of tea.

Side roads were scenic. Though I was feeling a chill in the air.
Once back in Heidelberg, I filled up the bike and gave it some TLC. 

Called Barry. who’d sent a text that his new Nokia phone, with a data plan, goes live Thursday or Friday.
He’s got his new car, and has been converted. Will never drive standard/manual/stick again. 
A man of and in, the 21st century.

Chat over, I popped out to the Sardinian restaurant for spaghetti bolognese…..

Back to prep for the ride out. 
Had some options on the road. Strasbourg, or not? Decided not. Tomorrow’s hotel requires some highway running.

Thanks to Richard I knew that Leicester had beaten Leeds 3-1 in the League Cup to reach the Quarter Finals 🙂
And with that happy thought, I fell asleep. 

ps: the bike turned 4yrs old today. 110,149km. Man I have to do some riding to catch up with the million mile guys. Yup. Only another 156yrs!!

Wednesday up early to a grey day. 
Check the tire pressures. 
Ran south. Funny. Wasn’t getting warmer. Though dry. 

Took a couple of stops to get back in the groove. 
And now, summer. Or that is how it felt.
The sun was out. 
The sky was blue. 

And I should not have gone into the payment lane marked with a motorcycle symbol.
The machine would not take money. At least 4 cars came in behind me. Luckily the car drivers knew the game, and reversed. That left me able to do the same. It’s probably a game the cashiers play. Entice a newbie into the wrong lane. 
Last time I am on the toll-roads in France. It’s expensive. Covered some 80km and it cost 6.80euros. 
Plus when I get it wrong, lots of time lost, so I am no further ahead. 

Rode into Besancon looking for petrol. First was closed down. Pity. Next to a KTM store. 
Had to ride around the citadel, and then found a supermarket with pumps. 

Onto the hotel. 
Ignored TomTom’s directions in the end. Blocked roads and silly instructions. 
Hotel gave me indoor parking:)
TLC for the bike. 
Then unpacked. 

Off to find a restaurant, when I came across a fountain labelled ‘VTINAM’. Acording to Google, that means “If only”. hahahahaha
Found the restaurant. Opens 7:30pm. What to do?

Am still an idiot. There was a sign pointing to the citadel, so I climbed the stairs. Quite the walk. Some 200metres straight up.
All I could think of was Mimi from Montreal. Never took a camera with her on any trip. Just bought a postcard, or three.
Seemed like a really good idea. As I laboured to the top.
Bought a postcard. Mailed it to my god-father.
On the way down, took this photo……

A walkabout more of the old town. Cute.

Plan tomorrow.
Then shower. Change. Walk to the restaurant.

Best part of the meal was the lamb……

Tender. Full of flavour. and the jus! Yummy! Mash was good too.
Cheescake filling was outstanding too.

Walked back to the hotel and updated this blog.

Germany done.
France started.
Spain, here I come 🙂