Up to a cool, and foggy Thursday morning
Get the bike out of the garage.
Load up.
Ride out. 
The sun was out 🙂
The sky was blue 🙂
And the scenary, pretty green fields, yellowing vinyards, and autumnal hills. 
Doesn’t get better than this. 

Ran on till the need for brunch overtook me.
Stopped off somewhere. 
Nice little village.
Met Rudi, Dutch chap who had been cycling for 5yrs. Needed a shower. Maybe that is why hotels offer free laundry for cycling clothes. 
I had a small quiche and an AWESOME fig dessert, sat in the park.
Rudi was done for the day. And went off to find somewhere to stay.
I rode off to Lyon.

Some of the scenary was more than beautiful. The rivers were still as mirrors. Leaves turning. Winding valleys folding off into the distance.

Arrived at the hotel.
First room smelled of paint. Newly rennovated.
Second was outstanding, but I had wandered into the wrong room.
Third time is the trick.
Parking was outside the front door. As convenient as can be 🙂

Went out in search of Hard Rock cafe. 
Found a fair burger…..

and a zippo as Max requested. 

The walk back along the river Saone was a visual feast of old buildings lit up, hills, and the river. 
Can’t get this in Canada!

Did some napping and planning.
Am thinking that I may have a cold coming on 🙁
Would explain my fatigue at the end of this trip.
Friday, I ride till I need a nap