Up. A tad confused by the time. Checked with the World Clock. My phone was correct. My laptop an hour later. Checked the Web. France did a “fall back” at 3am the Sunday morning. Brill. I get time to update my blog. 
Make a cuppa “for Ron”.
Check the tire pressures. 
Run through a part of Montauban not visited last night. Lots of Roman-like structures. And the bridges 🙂

Headed into Auch.
Stopped for breakfast in a patiserrie and asked for the correct pronunciation of the town’s name. Had much fun thinking it is pronounced “ouch”. Sadly, is  pronounced “osh”. 
Ah well. Maybe I should have ridden into the town called Condom 😉 Seen yesterday. I kid you not.

Rode into the Parachute museum at Pau. Third time is a trick?
Nice chat. 
Bought a book. 

Rode onto the hotel.
TLC for the bike. 
Supper at a nearby burger bar. That or McDonalds. The fruit juice was from an English company based in Silverton! Small world. 

Finished my routing across the Pyrenees mountains. 

Had news from everyone as to Leicester winning 2-0. Seems a new manager does work wonders!

And heard that Wednesday is All Hallows Day, a big holiday in Spain. Most everything is shut. Glad I heard about it now!

Ran some clean-up on my laptop. 
Whilst watching Russell Crowe in a quirky movie set in the 70’s. 

Time for bed said Zebedee 🙂