Up to a sunny Tuesday morning. 
Answering emails for an hour.
Found that my biker buddy in Sevilla, was cruising Britain and Ireland similar time to me! Small world.

And head out. Took two goes.
Missed the button to open the garage doors the first time. Had to ride back and find it at a lower level.
Then out and ride around the city wall. Past the citadel.

Then the easiest ride ever?
Blue skies. 
Around an hour and I was in Logrono.
At the hotel. 

Bike scored underground parking. 
I scored a nice hotel. 
Unloaded the bike and gave it some TLC. 

Then off in search of laundrettes. Found 3. One of which is definitely open tomorrow 🙂
Enroute a roving meal. 
First course rioja and sardines. Near the first laundrette.
Next a chicken kebab. Near the second.
Then coffee and apple cake. Just after the third. 
Did I mention I like Spain?

Picked up some apples too.
Had one back at the hotel. Waiting for the kettle to boil.
Bad idea. The tea, that is. Also had quite a few Vienese shortbread cookies. Purchased at the bakery along with the apple cake.

Bit of a nap. 
This is Spain. 

Then out to find a barber. 
First one was booked all night. Think he enjoys washing hair. Was doing so as I entered. Mine would only require a teacup 🙂
Second was doing nothing. Spoke no English. Think it turned out OK. If nothing else, it will always grow back? Well some of it 🙂

Then to the Rioja museum. Drat! It was about the area, not the wine. hahaha
Couple of nice painters. 
And a hilarious statue. Some priest (?) is writing in a book. The book is supported on the head of a kid! hahahaha

By the way, it is Halloween. Kids, and parents, everywhere. The kids hit on stores. The parents hang around and chat. Sometimes all are in a bar. It’s nice! Everybody out on the street mingling.

Found a tapas…..

Walked back to the hotel. Spotting a couple of places for supper tomorrow.
Past the “wetbacks”. A fountain with a circle of royal personages, all facing out.

Seemed a long walk back to the hotel.
Glad of a cuppa. 

Started checking out places for my next stop. But too tired. Is nearly midnight.  
And to bed.