Up on Wednesday morning, just after 8am. 
Nice not having to do anything. This All Hallows Day is a Spanish National holiday.
Lay in bed updating the blog. 
Got up and dealt with emails. 

Then off to do laundry. It’s not all fun on the road. Unless you count the sunshine, and the excellent empanadas de tutti…….

Walked back via a bacon-wrapped something-yummy……

At the hotel I sorted out my accommodation for the next leg. 
And work done. Took a nap. 
Did I mention I like Spain?

Headed out at 7:30pm and found a nice potato&chorizo dish, with some excellent rioja. Serious best red in a LONG while.
Happens to be at the start of the street recommended by my Sevilla biker bro 🙂
Sitting in the window, watching the world go by. Favourite past-time 😉

Some meat on a stick with EXCELLENT pesto at another bar. 

Strolled to the cathedral. Neat doorway……

Enroute back to the hotel, I was wondering why everyone was watching the game. 
Richard sent an email at the time saying Tottenham were 1-0 up on Real Madrid. Then 2-0. 
By the time I was in my room, Tottenham had won 3-1. Then I saw the highlights. 

Brief chat with my Sevilla biker bro. Places to go in Valladolid.

Time for bed said Zebedee