Almost a Monk-ish Valladolid

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Up to a grey Thursday morning
Checked the bike. 
Email from my next hotel asking to please arrive after 4pm. So I organised myself a detour. 

Exit from the car-park. Both the bike and I have been spoiled. Not luxury, but certainly very comfortable accommodation.

Rode off across the river Ebro. Had not seen the ancient bridge. So made a detour and got to see a bit more of Logrono. 

Then zoom, zoom. 
Not quite. 
Bit of a mist. 10degC.
So stayed this side of propriety. 

Just east of Burgos the weather cleared up.
First likely taverna I pulled into gave me spicy pickles and a potato taco…..

After lunch I sat outside with a coffee and talked with my god-father. Still hanging on. Brain still works.

Then zoom, zoom.

Found the accommodation.
Monastic building. Cannot remember that in the description. 
Hope they’re not looking for converts. Let me think. What is it that monks do? Quiet time. Contemplating the universe. Brewing beer. Wait! That sounds pretty good! hahaha
Nice room. Nothing fancy. Everything works. Nobody speaks English. 

Had time to give the bike some TLC, then sort everything out in my room. Before I headed off to see Amelia. 
Found my preferred parking spot.
And our usual cafe.
Ordered my usual espresso and agua con gaz 🙂
I was early. Amelia late. That is tradition. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

We hit on a couple of places. 
Amelia being on a diet, was stuck with water. Yikes!
Places were good

Parted around midnight.
Having arranged a time to meet on Friday. I was a tad panicked, thinking it was 8:30AM. NoooOoooo. 
Turned out to be in the evening 🙂

Friday morning up to what could become a sunny day. 
Was 8am. Hence my panic of last night. 

Started my planning for the next run around Spain. 
At lunchtime called it quits. 

Caught the #6 bus into town and found El Salao
 More-ish. Seriously more-ish croquettes, of rice, cheese, ham and peas, wrapped in lightest breadcrumbs ever 🙂 
Plus a calzone with outstanding dough.

Back for a nap.

Then out to meet Amelia for supper:)
Lots of fun.

Saturday morning up really late.
Sorted out the accommodation for my next stop. Have drafted a list of my route for the next week or two. Need to spend a couple of days in each. Will take the scenic route, I think.
Then off to do some chores. See photo……

A bit of shopping. 
The covered market in Valladolid is awesome. Half vendors. Half tapas bars. Never even made it to the lower floor.
Ended up at El Salao for a vino tinto and four croquettes. Trading photos of Joaquin (biker-bro from Sevilla).

Caught the bus back. 
Richard and Nick providing updates on Leicester City. Ended up a draw. Despite my throwing in an extra drink. (You had to be there).

Light drizzle for the short walk back to the monastry.

Took a cuppa and a nap whilst listening to Alan Titchmarsh. 
Best quotes?
(1) The Chinese proverb: “If you want to be happy for a week, take a wife. If you want to be happy for life, take a garden”
(2) Those well known pet birds called  “buggary-jars”. 

Sometimes it’s those little things 🙂

Out to meet Amelia. We’d arranged for 7:30pm, which is when El Salao opened, according to Google. I should have checked. 
Met the owner walking with his family. Told me 7:45pm. That was OK. Amelia traditionally 30mins late‎ or more. Ah. Not tonight. 
So I’m in trouble with Louise back in Canada. For making Amelia wait outside a bar!

We were in for 7:55pm. 
Vino tinto.
Amelia had the excellent carpaccio plate whilst I ate a rissotto con fungi……

Long chat.
Then we caught the late bus back.
I like that everyone is on the buses. All going safely home after a night out. 
Amelia’s stop was some 10mins before mine.

Once back in my room, a cuppa and sleep.

Awoke on a grey-ish Sunday morning to the persistent alarm. Was 8:15am and time to go.
A cuppa and some fruit for breakfast.
First Parade on the bike.
Head out. 
It’s 10degC and sunny.

Farewell to Valladolid, and all the nice people.