‎Left Valladolid and ran the highways. 
Was 10degC, so when I stopped for a cafe con leche, and a jus naranjas, I pulled on my over-trousers. 

As I passed Zamora, the countryside had become hilly, and the temperature dropped to 8degC, with no sunshine. Had to pull over and put another jacket on.
Should have done it sooner.

Pulled into Ourense feeling the effects of the chilly ride.
Parked outside the hotel.
Checked in. 
Unloaded the bike. 
Parked the bike. Luckily I had my helmet on. Garage roof-beams were low in the parking area 🙂

Back at the hotel, ditched my riding gear, and had some refreshment……

Then a nap 🙂

Awoke and set to work doing more detailed planning.

Then back to sleep.

Monday morning up at 8am. Late-ish.

Ran a couple of errands.
Then out to Tourist Information. Found the “train” times to/from the hot springs. Had enough time to get to the cathedral befor the train set off. 85cent trip. TAKE IT. The only service that takes you to the door of the hot springs. 

Once in I rented a towel, showered, and went into the Japanese experience. A pool with a roof. Hot pool. It was lovely.
Then a cycle of hot, cold, hot,…..all with this gorgeous view……

Cannot remember the last time I felt this clean. And I shower every day!

Took the scenic stroll to the motorbike store. No Scott oil. But got to walk some of the Camino. 

More scenic stroll, where I nearly found some Loctite (for nuts). 

Back across the river and a random walk took me to what I stepped out for this morning, but they did not have. 
The lady quickly discovered my bad Spanish accent and called in a chap. Who asked me where I came from. Not surprised to learn it was Canada. Everyone else was wearing coats or jackets. Me? Short-sleeved shirt 🙂

Mercede-Benz dealer had a pristine MGC GT. Canot remember seeing this on the roads. Fritz on the other hand, is an MG enthusiast. 
Seems this car is another British disaster plucked from the jaws of victory. With a couple of tweaks this car is really good!

Checked out a restaurant across from the hotel. Nah. 
Will have to be the one at the other end of old-town. I’d already walked 10km. Seemed a shame to walk further. 
Worst still, TripAdvisor was wrong. Place was not open on Mondays. What to do?

Across the street was a Portugese bar. In 2012 Barry had asked in every Spanish bar we went to, for Vino Verde. I thought I’d give this one a shot 🙂
No Vino Verde.
But nice Vino Tinto, and a barman, from Oporto, who was missing his motorcycle riding days. Excellent chat. In a variety of languages. 
He also endorsed my route for tomorrow 🙂

It’s also where I discovered I was slightly deaf. From the hot springs, I assume. Wax plugging my ears.

On the long walk back, found a barmaid who’d lived and worked in Cheltenham. Great craic. 

A nightcap at the hotel. 
Sadly, no Pedro Ximenez. Just vino tinto. And mushrooms.

And so to bed.

Up to a grey Tuesday morning.
Head out.