An easy ride, in 15degC, blue sky weather, got me to the outskirts of Zamora.
Filled up.
TLC for the bike. And checked the oil (just below max). 
Bite to eat and a jus naranja.

Rode the last 7km to the hotel. Nice place. 
Decorated in taupe, white slightly distressed furniture, and plank flooring. Room overlooks the old city wall. Ideal for a romantic weekend 🙂

Unpacked and parked the bike. 

Walked out to find the laundrette and theatres. Took a while. So I got to see quite a bit of Zamora 🙂
Decided upon ‎a ticket for Saturday night’s play. 

As a bonus, found a place to sharpen my Swiss Army knife. Surprisingly useful. Seen lots of usage

Back at my hotel picked up my laundry, and got it done.  

Returned and booked the next week’s accommodation.

Then a nice long shower, and beddy-byes.

Awoke on Saturday morning around 8am. The bed is VERY comfortable, like a Tempurpedic 🙂

Out for a stroll. Temperature 8degC but to warm up.

Castle was a mix of influences. Be nice when it is finished 😉

Cathedral to pay my respects to all old soldiers. It is November 11th.
Called up my godfather. An old soldier, still fading away. But not gone yet!

A bit more of a walkabout. 
Zamora is quite the hilly little walled city. with nice unexpected vistas, as by the library.
The city is on the Duoro river, so one can float all the way to Oporto. Now there is a thought 🙂

Found a pork risotto for lunch. 
Finished with a quiet toast to the lads who are gone since last year. Leonard Cohen described aging so well, with the line “Now my friends are gone, and my hair is grey. I ache in the places where I used to play.”

So with that thought, back for a nap.

Next step was to re-jig my ride. 
PlanA was to find a spot and lay up till Christmas. 
The ride so far, has shown that PlanA needs adjusting. But hey! That’s what exploring is all about.
Ad infinitum.
Otherwise known as life 🙂

And when it was 8pm, a brief stroll took me to the theatre.
Where I discovered something about the BlackBerry keyboard that I wished I’d known since the beginning! hahahaha. Ah well. Better late than never 🙂

The play was enjoyable. Chikita’s and cabalero’s are the same the whole world over.

And the play over, it was home to bed.

Up on a misty Sunday morning after 8am. Am sleeping much longer in this bed.
Breakfast. Lots of fresh-squeezed orange juice. And fresh fruit salad, with a dash of museli.

Took a stroll through the eastern part of Zamora. Where I’d not yet explored. A cool, misty, November morning. 
Ended up walking along the river, to the old stone bridge. Pre-eleventh century. Stood in the centre of the bridge and took this photo……

Then walked up to the Plaza Mayor for a sit down with a cafe con leche.
Sun was out, having burnt through the mist.
People were out, so lots to be watching.

Then walked into the newer part of town and went walkabout there.  

Found my way back to the hotel. 
Went in for tapas. Bit of a rip. 
Went to the bar next door for black pudding. Much better.

Then a nap. 
Did I mention I like Spain 🙂

Then some more research. 

Then bed. 
Ride out tomorrow.
G’nite all.