Valladolid Monkish Encore

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The road from Zamora to Valladolid was really short. 
And easy.  Empty highways all the way.  

Ran a couple of errands. 

Found my monkish accommodation. Was still set as home on my GPS. Felt like coming home.
Parked the bike. Not much need for TLC. Barely a 100km covered.
Went out and bought supper.

Ping’d Amelia

Fell asleep.
Awoke at 3am.
Answered my emails. And went back to sleep.

Tuesday morning was sunny. 
Pottered around with my contact database. 

Then out, on the bus to meet up with Amelia for lunch.
First place required reservations. Yet only one couple dining, and they closed in 80mins!
Second place was shut. 
Third place was easy. Excellent minute steak and chips. Vino tinto, flan and a cafe solo 🙂

We then strolled to Plaza Mayor and sat in the sun for another coffee.

Next stop was an awesome laundrette. Gondomatik
Laundrette up front. Cafe in the back. And a regular IT crowd meets to practise their English 9pm on Tuesday nights. What more could you ask for!

But was time to go home. 
We were able to catch the usual #6 as opposed to the late night bus.

Amelia popped off at her usual stop. I carried on and got off at my stop. Once back at my place, a cuppa, and an early night. 

Wednesday another sunny morning
Awoke at 6am, but too early.
Back to sleep till 9am.  

Tightened up the chain on the bike. Doesn’t take much. A milimetre or two. 

Rode off to El Salao for croquettes…..

BMW was closed as I arrived. 
So did some trips down memory lane. 
And bought some munchies. 

Back at the seminary, for a cuppa and some bananas. 

Then a nap.

Out early evening for a coffee and a chat with Amelia. 
We caught the bus together.
And said our farewells. 

I came home with a goodie-bag. Amelia is a “bad” friend. Gave me pastries.
Had some of the pastries, once back in my room, with a cuppa 🙂
Then to bed. 

Thursday morning up at 5am
. To early. So back to sleep till 8am. 
Ate the last of the pastries. A nice apple flan.
Checked the bike. Tire presures were low. Made lower, no doubt, by the frost! Yes. White stuff still on the ground, in the shade. Yikes. 
Loaded the bike and rode out. Only 1degC. Yikes!
At least the sun was shining and the sky was blue 🙂

Farewell to Valladolid, again.