Wednesday lunch was to be at the Monasterio de Piedra
A couple of hours SE from Soria. Turned out to be accurate timing. 

Awesome scenery the last few k’s. 
Sad to say, the Piedra river was nearly dried up. ‎Most of it close to the monastery was supposed to be as big as a lake. A puddle would be today’s description. 

Arrived, ignoring the directions to parking, and found a spot near the restaurant.
TLC for the bike.
Then inside for w‎hite beans and quail stew that was great……

However it was all downhill after that.
Schnitzel so-so.
The flan? hahahahahaha. Some lady waiter brought it. Grumpy as can be. The flan was even in it’s plastic container. With the foil lid still on. Almost as bad as the Chinese restaurant, who at least had the decency to take it out of the container.
Pity. The gentleman waiter with whom I started was outstanding. Old school. Knew what I wanted before I said it. 
Went outside a tad disappointed, then realised I had gone into the wrong restaurant! hahaha. The other one was probably too posh anyway, being part of the on-site hotel and spa.
Still. Bought some chocolate. Had depleted my munchies. Am down to one onion.

Chose a scenic route out. Took me around the monastery, so got to see most of the walls. Amazing what a bunch of chaps with shovels and time, can accomplish.

Most of the road was windin’, so I could enjoy the scenary. 
Every now and again, the twisties would kick in. 360degree turns. Up or downhill.

Last part of the run into Teruel was on highways, so arrived close to my hostal quickly. That was when the trouble started. 
TomTom took me a weird and wonderful route, that ended when I would not go down a one-way street, the wrong way. 
My psychic navigation nearly got me there, but I missed a turn, thnking it a parking area. 
Rode around to where I started, parked and walked over. 

Booked in.
Brought the bike over. Easy now I understood the roads 🙂
Unloaded my luggage.
Parked the bike a bit more tightly to the curb. 
Went walkabout. After taking this photo of the leaning tower of Teruel……

Found the Lidl store. But I need an Aldi. 

So tried the museum. Closed till tomorrow. Was open only for a private event. 

Walkabout some more. 
Vino tinto and pork belly helped. 

Decided upon the cinema. Liga de la Justica. The chap taking money reasoned my grasp of Espanol was pocolito, but I explained that “Biff” is the same in any language. 
And even I understood that Bruce Wayne bought the bank that was trying to foreclose Superman’s mother’s home. 
You have to see the movie 🙂

Then back and update the blog. Fighting sleep all the way. ‎

Thursday up at 6am. Too early!
Had a banana and a piece of chocolate. Back to bed. Awoke at 10am. Wow. That is really late. 

Headed out to the museum. Nice. But glad it was free. 

Then lunch. 
Vino tinto and Jamon de Teruel. Outstanding ham!!! This is the one for me 🙂

Took a stroll and found what looked like more Roman mining…..

but turned out to still be in use!

Wandered across the street for a curry risotto,that was quite nice. 

Wandered on to the market, which was closing down.

Then back to the hotel to unload my shopping. Picked up some sausage, cheese and bubbly (2.99euros).  And for those worrying about my health, fruit and mineral water too.

Had a bit of a nap. 
Then out for another stroll. 
Remembered to take a photo of the bull……

Then walked on to catch the end of sunset……

Psychic navigation took me right past Flanagan’s pub. Well. Maybe the term “past” is only accurate if you discount popping in for a Guinness. 
Funny thing is, this is one of the VERY few places playing Spanish music.  

Back home for sausage, onion, cheese and fruit. Washed down with mineral water.

And an early night.

Friday up and prep the bike.
Exit Teruel thinking maybe I will need to dress more warmly. Wrong! As I rode over the mountains, and started for the coast, the temperature rose to 25degC.
And before I knew it, I was in Valencia for the weekend.