Valencia for the Week

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Monday morning, headed to the City of Arts and Sciences.
Here’s a pic………

Found some orxata and farton.

Could not get into the “eye”. 

So walked along and t‎ook a seat in the car-parking-garden.
Good job I was sitting down. Heard from Barry that Prince Harry is getting married. Ah well. Another good lad gone. If Mick Jagger can become a father at 73, Harry’s got another 40+yrs he can afford to wait. hahahaha

Nothing showing at the opera house till December. So walked down into the park for a cafe con leche. Sat in the shade. Too warm and sunny elsewhere.

Walking back I found a “Chinese store” which had a few items I have been looking for, and a couple of others. 

Through the morning’s market. 

And bonus! Found a butcher with some awesome vegan stuff, so had lunch back at my place……

Then a nap.

Rumaged around the web looking for windshields in Catalonia. But was just delaying the inevitable.
So got to my paperwork.
Took a while.

Up on Tuesday morning. Grey day. And only made it up a few minutes before noon. Think I have confused my body with afternoon naps, and late nights. Or maybe I needed a long sleep.

Had one vegan black pudding and an egg omlette for breakfast.
Though it was so late it should be called Brunch 🙂

Then got to work.  
Finished my paperwork. 

Walked over to reception. Added another night to my stay. And went off to find a shop. Yes. Even bikers have to shop.

Took the scenic route.
Was as if Ola was navigating. hahaha. 
Realized I was off course, so stopped for a vino tinto. Stepped outside, turned the corner, and found Cortes d’Ingles. Who says drinking is bad for you? hahaha

Entered the department store.
Shock horror. Electric razors have changed. And in only 20yrs. 
My current razor is mis-behaving. The head was popping off. No need to worry. In true Clarkson fashion, I fixed it with a hammer. Was Ok for a couple of days, but today…….the shaver took a bit of persuading. 
My recce showed only one Braun with a travel case, and that is missing a trimmer. Hmmmm.
The electrics have changed too.

Walked back home, happy that the recce was done.
Made supper.  
Then to bed. 

Up on a grey Wednesday morning.
No matter. Had done some research as to options for what shaver to buy. Had other items to buy. So would be spending time indoors.

Easy stroll into downtown. Always easier after a recce.
First item (clothing) on the list – no longer available. I only bought some last year!
Second item was the electric razor. After the research, my choice was a Braun series 7 for 180euros, or a series 3 for 55 euros? hmmm. The series 3 was missing a trimmer, but I fixed that with a 5euro safety razor.
Next  was a toothbrush. Oral-B. It’s almost cheaper to buy a new one, then the replacement toothbrush! An my current toothbrush is just about done.

Shopping done, I walked back. 
Took this photo. From the old bridge to the new opera house……

Valencia used to have the Turia river running through the centre. But serious flooding made them re-route the river. The old river-bed was turned into a park, with gardens, tennis courts, etc. Nice idea. And this old bridge still stands.
There are still many bridges left, crossing what used to be the Turia, but is now a park some seven metres down.

All that walking made me hungry, so I picked up a chicken kebab.
Ate it back home, with a cup of tea.
Surprised myself, as I do have most of a bottle of rose-eh in the fridge. Not that nice sparkling stuff I paid 2.99euros for. This was sin bubbles, but only 0.99euros.
My advice? Pay the extra 2euros!
That is why the bottle is still very nearly full.

Now on my ToDo list, was talking to Visa. Really sad. They have completely changed my card. I liked the old one! Had CDW and travel insurance! The card that they switched me too gave TD Rewards. What am I to do with TD points? 
And how did I find out that my features were gone? I asked a question. If I had not asked the question, would have found out with my first rental car accident. Ouch. 
Only took 30mins to get to a real live person. If you are using MagicJack, don’t take the “silence” option whilst waiting. haha
The operator told me this change happened between June and October. So where is my new card I asked. We will send that to you. Soon. But don’t worry, your old card will become inactive in 25days.
So Visa makes a change. Doesn’t communicate the change. Nor does it issue a new card until there is some sort of Customer interaction??? Weird or what!
I’d like to see the NPV on this project.

My next tooth-pulling experience ‎was to start entering my PDU updates. Professional Development Units. Ah the joys of being a professional. 
My practice has been to enter these at the end of the three year cycle. Guess what. I am nearly there. My renewal date is tomorrow. 
Things have changed since last time. Some good. Some bad. But I made a start, then off to bed.

ps: Good News. Leicester beat Tottenham 2-1, with Vardy and Mahrez working their magic. Thanks to Nick and Richard for providing updates 🙂

Thursday morning up to blue skies.
Added another day to my stay here.
Went to the cafeteria for a cafe con leche.

And got to work on entering the rest of my PDU’s. Nearly there. By 4pm, had 54/60 done, with some pending.

At 4:30pm went off for a stroll. 
A chat with Barry. I’ll be there in 3 weeks!
Then a pastry, jus naranjas and cafe americano. 

Came home and prep’d for tomorrow.
Found a place in Tarragona. Staying the weekend. 
And scope’d out BMW, ampitheatre, etc

email arrived with good news from the PMI. All of my PDU’s were under review had been approved. So I was all caught up. 
Updated my records. Ran my final reports. 

Made my donation to Wikipedia.
Use the information all the time. So seems fair to chip in.
And it would be terrible if the big donors started taking control.
Having just finished The Lessons of History, I have to concur with Durant’s reflection that everything corrupts. IMHO Wikipedia has been a beacon of light in a darkening Internet. I just hope that chipping in, will help keep it that way.

With that final thought, I returned to yesterday’s place where I’d picked up a donner kebab. Waiting for the donner, I had noticed there was curry. So this evening, I popped over and placed an order. Drank a beer whilst waiting. Took it home.
As is not unusual, the veg was good, the meat, so-so. Or in this case, “where’s the mutton”?

But am full. Aloo gobi was good. 
And am happy to be all caught up. Last piece was this blog.
Looking forward to tomorrow. Be nice to ride again 🙂 
Tarragona here I come.

G’night all.

Robert says:

Glad you like Wikipedia. What do they say about “vegan blackpudding”?
Do they say it is an oxymoron like “military intelligence”?

Was going to say “famous Canadians”, but have to accept that even I know one or two.

🙂 Lol

biker says:

🙂 🙂 🙂

ps: Barry’s postie is Canadian

Robert says:

Is he famous and addicted to “vegan blackpudding”. Lol

biker says: