Up at 7am on a dark and cold Thursday morning. Still. 4degC warmer than Toronto. 
Rode out.

Took a while to get out of Barcelona, but the smell of beer brewing was music to my ears. 
The sun was shining. The sky blue. The bike running true. Motorcycle museum, here I come 🙂

With a stop, to put on another layer. Was 11degC when I left Barcelona. Was 4degC in them ther hills.
Mind, the views were outstanding at times. And the roads varied from two lanes to twisties. 
Good times.

The new windshield and helmet working well.
I was worried that the windshield would remove the motorcycle experience of wind in your hair. At 4degC, I was wishing for a bigger windshield!!!
And the helmet seems a better fit. Most considerably quieter. Only weird thing is that when I close the visor fully, it’s like someone squashing me, nicely, but still squashing. Plus I have worn a groove in the sun-visor already. Took me two years with the HJC. Still this is less that half the price. Feels lighter too. Way lighter. Though they weigh the same.  
Arrived at the Moto Museum
Well organised. Repsol petrol station outside. So I filled the bike and gave it some TLC. 
Then went inside for a smoked salmon roll, salad and mineral water. Sounds healthy. Will try and do something unhealthy later 🙂

The museum was hard to get into. I had to ask at the food counter. Lady came out from the kitchen and opened up for me. 
Nice museum. Worth the visit. Some machines I’d never heard of. Lots of Spanish. Some Swiss. Including these FN’s from Belgium……

Looking at the companies that closed down (most), seems everyone in Europe had a tough time in the 60’s and 70’s, not just the Brits. 
Glad I visited.  
Here is me parked in front…..

Did you spot the new helmet (white) and windshield (much bigger than the stock)?

Took only an hour, or so, to ride into Lleida
Found the hotel, AOK.
Well organised room. And free parking for the bike, on the nearby corner 🙂

Started doing some reviews of the next few places on my list, and thought, why? Lets go for a stroll instead. 

Checked at the desk. Nothing on at the theatres tonight. So headed out.
Took in the Christmas lights and new cathedral. Cathedral was plain, lots of chapels, some contemporary, and not a lot of light. To be fair, it was night-time. But looking at the windows, I doubt if it made a difference.
Heard some music, so walked over to the last thing I’d expected to see in Spain. An ice-rink……


Then crossed the river and into the BMW store. Nice chat
Then a nearby tapas bar recommended. Meatballs, tortilla and vino tinto. Perfect to assuage the hunger. It’s been 5hrs since lunch.

Walked around, and nearly bunked into the circus. 
Then up to the old cathedral. And there was a cafe there. One espresso and cognac warmed me up. 
Felt chilly wandering around. So to warm my heart I checked Toronto’s weather. Zero degC. Same as here 🙁
Funny thing. There is nothing here tonight that reminds me of last year’s vist. Ol’ timers?

Wandered down, along random streets till I recognized the new cathedral. Then a short stroll past my hotel, to the nearest bar. 
Ordered food, using the “Old MacDonald technique”. Catalan spoken here. hahaha
Scored a salmon appetizer, on the house……

And then my order of duck breast…….

Both very good 🙂
Cognac and espresso, as no flan 😉

And thus to update the blog, and go to bed.

Richard says:

Duck breast looks gooood! And some nice bikes too.

biker says:

And I thought Belgium only generated beers, chocolate, and small arms from FN 🙂

How do I know? Drank the first. Ate the second. And was issued the third.