Up at 8am on a cold (minus 2degC) Friday morning.
Took another look at my blog entries. Found two things
(1) Segovia is what I was remembering, not LLeida. No wonder nothing looked familiar. Just don’t tell me that still qualifies as Ol’Timers!!!
(2) Mobile version of Wikipedia does not switch over to the full version automatically. So I have to adjust links in 135 of my 709 posts. Took an hour out of the morning, and now only have 69 to adjust. 

Walked out and over to the bike. It WAS chilly. Checked the tire pressures. A pound too low in each. To be expected. So pumped them up and moved the bike to the front of the hotel.
Breakfast of cafe solo and jus naranja.
Was a nice stay, and a nice hotel. 

Most of the road to Huesca was 2degC. Glad of the new windshield am I.
NB: Star Wars is very “in” at the moment.

Pulled into Huesca’s cathedral square. Lots of bike parking spots 😉
Everything was closed 🙁
Took this photo in front of the cathedral……

Went to the nearest bar and ordered this……

Was nice 🙂 Pork belly hits my soft spot.
I know. The comments start now?

Rode out of the cathedral square carefully. Construction had messed up the roads. And there was gravel everywhere. The road was all tight turns on a downhill slope. Oh joy. 

Once on the road out of Huesca,  I filled up and ran the short route (hour and a half)  towards Tudela
Some 30km before the city, I filled up from my Rotopax. Gave the bike some TLC. Including checking the oil. Now I don’t have to do any of this in Tudela 🙂 And, the wide open country is done. Hardly likely to be 40km from petrol. Can run to Bilbao on this one tank of petrol from here. Then the boat. Then Pompey.

Came into Tudela. Ignored TomTom and found the hotel easily.‎ TomTom was telling me to go on to a roundabout, come back and turn right. Funny that. There was a left turn available. DDD.
Booked in. Nice room. 
They wouldn’t let the bike stay where I was parked , by their patio, in the square. Even on a holiday. Boo. Hoo. Parked the bike some 50m away. 

Once settled, plugged in, and booked my Logrono stay. 
Job done, I went downstairs for a vermouth in the hotel bar, with an excellent tuna pinchas. 

Then out for a stroll. 
Found the cathedral “old-school”. Spotted the spire and walked towards it. My NavFree had been leading me astray. 
Mind, in 9degC evening weather, I didn’t mind. 

Was tempted by some fast-food croquettes. But good sense prevailed. 
Walked by a group of youngsters, milling around, one finishing off his graffitti. Looked nice.
Found a random spot for a vino tinto, with a toasted ham&cheese sandwich.

And then a river walk, to the concert hall.
The band HEDONIA “iES HORA YA!  
When checked at the booking office, found that they pretty well sold out in this town. Luckily, there is always room for one 🙂
And it was nice. Soft rock with shades of the Sixties. 
Tons of energy. And they added a 3 piece brass section, and a lady singer, at various spots in the show. Plus (I am guessing) the kids from the local dance school. And a sing-along! Nice evening!

Back to the hotel for eggs and a nightcap.  
Think I like Tudela.