Up to a sunny Saturday morning
Finalise my blog.
Clean up the rest of the references to “m dot wikipedia” (the mobile version).
Prep the bike. Only a short run back to Logrono.
Sunshine and feels warm. 
Headed out.

Made some adjustment with the windshield. Up and down. Up is worse than way down. Counter-intuitive. But I have a theory. Will try some duck tape to confirm.

Plan was to visit BMW Motorrad on the way into the city. Did not work out. 
TomTom took me into a Rioja bodega. Same name as the hotel. Marques de Murrieta. So I had to go in!
Amaya gave a very good description of the winery and wines. Tried 3. Just sippers. And lots of water. The reds were nice, but I thought very expensive. Truth. Best Rioja so far was in Logrono, at a random bar. 

Headed out.
Despite changing the destination, TomTom was still trying to get me out of the bodega via some back gate! They were all closed. I’d asked.

Followed the road-signs. 
Got close to town and filled up. was showing less than half, but by my calcs had another 30km before that was supposed to happen.  Must be the ethanol in the fuel. 
TomTom had sorted itself out, now that I was a couple of k’s from the bodega.
Found the hotel.
Was going to ride around, but the rain started. So parked the bike underground. What a wus? hahaha.
Then went walkabout. 

First stop was the theatre. 
One man show about a yogi. Don’t think so.

Next stop was the auditorium. Kind policeman directed me to the right door. Tomorrow a Christmas play. Free with food bank donations. 

Across the plaza, a bar with vino tinto and tapas. 

Then on a random walk back towards the hotel and the Drunken Duck. Yup. You can’t make this stuff up. There is such a pub.
Where I had a German beer……

and nice calamari.

Back in my room a cuppa and halva.   

Then a nap. 

Up for a stroll. It was only 10pm. 
Wandered down the alleys where many of the bars are. Area is jumping! Found the same bar from last time 🙂

Then a bit more wandering whilst checking out some Michelin restaurants. 

Been a good day. 
Leicester beat Newcastle. 
TorontoFC won the MLS cup, a first for them. Nice for another team from Toronto, outside the Argos, to win something. 

And so happily to bed.

Richard says:

Go TFC! Maybe the Leafs might learn something.

biker says:

That’s as likely as the England footie team learning something!

But thanks for the smile 🙂