Up at 10am. Really late. But it is Sunday.
Pottered around with a few things like backups.
Drank my pot of tea.
Then out to see what the world had to offer.

Made it as far as Cafe Luz on the corner. 
Waylaid by tapas. 
Pork belly was very good. The mushroom basket looked good, but was a tad bland……

Went on for a further stroll. 
Thought I should checkout a Michelin restaurant. Wandered over to Tastavin where they had tapas. Tried 3 with this tuna being the standout……

Really nice rioja and a semi-sweet cava. Worth the visit. And a fair price.
Though I lucked in. Arrived close to closing time, Not so crowded. Then they closed the door, with just a few of us in there 🙂

Took the long route home. 
And then a nap. 

Up and an evening stroll by the river. The drizzly rain has stopped.

A nightcap back at the hotel. 
Prep for tomorrow’s ride. 
Drink my pot of tea. 
Update the blog.
And it’s goodnight from me 🙂