Up to the alarm on a Monday morning. But was in that half awake stage, where I was dreaming a movie plot. Ah. If only I could remember what it was all about 🙂


Checked the tire pressures on the bike.  Was going to be high, as it has warmed up a lot since leaving Tudela. Was high. 

Outside to check on the weather. Light drizzle with sunshine threatening 🙂

A stroll to Cafe Luz for breakfast.

Then out on the bike.
Checked out BMW Motorrad. Found the dealer and a nice lady to confirm my service options. 
My estimate is that I will need a service in January. Though am amazed at how long the rear tire has lasted. I must be riding even more slowly then I thought 🙂

Then I checked out the roads. 
Remember on Saturday, TomTom led me into a bodega. Well it tried that again. 
This was whilst double-checking the road signs. Ever see a roundabout with a no-entry sign on EVERY exit? Here is one……

I can assure you that if you look through the blue signs, you will see a red no-entry sign. And there was one on every exit! Yea gods!
Nice part was that after Saturday, I was begining to think I had imagined this!
We should all remember, that there is nothing stranger than fact. 

Took the scenic route home. Taking a look at Logrono on the other side of the river Ebro.

Back and TLC for the bike.

Then lunch. La Galeria.
Had the 3 courses set meal which included a bottle of wine and water 🙂
Appetiser standout was the shot of potato soup:) Close second was the tomato ice-cream. …..

A bean stew that was nice and they gave me LOTS!
Cod was perfect……

As was the chocolate and cream dessert…..

Did not finish the wine so came back at 9pm. After a nap.

Had the outstanding truffled mushrooms, with egg and sauce……

And the crispy and succulent lamb……

If this all sounds like a lot. It was! hahahahaha
Sat for another half hour before I could leave.
Next time I’ll make a sandwich and take it home with me.

Back home booked my place to stay for tomorrow. Adding a couple of stops enroute.

Thus endeth my Monday.