Up before the alarm on a grey-ish Tuesday morning.
First parade on the bike.
Breakfast (cafe con leche).
Ride out.

First stop was Fuenmayor. I was curious as to how a tiny town of 3,000 people could have two restaurants rated by Michelin.
Nice little place.
Has a cinema and exhibition spot.
Nice square.
Luckily my chosen restaurant was closed. Why lucky? Still full from yesterday 🙂

Sat in the sun for a bit then rode out.

Something made me turn off into Haro.
Looked lively.

Took the short route from there to Miranda de Ebro.
Amelia’s father recommended the spot. Enroute Bilbao. So stopping to check it out.
The chosen route was along the river Ebro, so quickly turned into a one lane road, with road surfaces from Ukraiina for a few klicks, and the best part was the winding road up to Ircio.
And all along, there were mountains to the left, mountains to the right, with a fine dusting of snow along the tops.

Once into town, found a place to fill up, taking a big detour. Quite the industrial park in the north-east of the town.
Ran back and found my hotel. Am staying at a convent.

Unloaded the bike, and went walkabout. First stop being a bar, as tapas time was coming to a close.
Hunger assuaged, took a walk into the new town.
And a walk beack through old town, past the theare.
Ended up home and updating the blog, whilst waiting for supper-time.

Supper was nice.
Spaghetti appetizer.
Veal stew for the main.
Flan for dessert.

And thence to bed.

Wednesday awoke late.
Tai Chi.
Then off to visit the botannical gardens.
Nice visit. Though December is not when a garden is at it’s best.
Castle was accessed through the garden. Tactically a disaster IMHO. The back door looked surprisingly easy.

Then wandered down looking for brunch. Ibza (yesterday’s bar) was still closed! It was the afternoon! So decided to go across the river into the new town. Good choice. waylaid by ‘El Terrace’ which had real beer in a bottle 🙂

Then asked at the tourist info office for a restaurant. Given the name of two just around the corner.
Had a beer in the first.
Plato de dia in the second. And it was good 🙂

Came home for a nap.
Awoke in time for supper, but zero appetite 🙂

So stayed in and watched old movies, before I fell asleep to a book at bedtime.