Up to the alarm. Had been bleating for a while. Maybe I should not have been so optimistic on a Sunday morning?
TLC for the bike. Chain especially needed it. Luckily the drizzle held off during this part. And the sun came out. 

Packed and headed out. The drizzle started. And then turned to rain. Heavy rain. A repeat of yesterday. 
Misty mountains were everywhere. Snow on the NE slopes. 

Then I was in Bilbao
Still a long way from the harbour. Hadn’t seemed that far when I looked on the map:) But arrived safely. At the ferry gates. 
Saved the location in TomTom. 
Then went in search of my hotel. 

Took 20mins to get to the hotel. And that was on the highway. Plus a 0.61euro toll charge. 
Found the place in the middle of a pedestrian area. Reception was quite concerned about me leaving my bike outside the hotel.
So unloaded and went in search of the suggested parking spots. 

First stop was to fill up the bike. 
Give it some TLC.
Then park underground. How expensive? Vitoria-Gasteiz seems reasonable now. But, the bike needs to dry out.

Walking back to the hotel, investigated a tent. 
Found a nice bottle of organic red wine. And tasty, semi-hard, sheep cheese.
And outside, by the hotel, picked up a Spanish version of a pork pie…….

Munched my way through that whilst unpacking. After rearranging some furniture.

Then it was time to pop into the theatre Arriaga Antzokia. A show was on tonight at 1900hrs.
Scored a ticket for ‘La Verita’. 
Then a stroll around the theatre, and a vino tinto with a fishy tapas 🙂
Back to the theatre, and inside……

Had front row seats so could see the action close up.
Cirque du Soleil – ish. 
Outstanding duo on a hanging square. Seriously strong, flexible and brave. Nicely done. They had me amazed. And I used to be fit!
Some innovative contortionist, juggling and trapeze work followed. 
With an end to the first act that included dumping a tonne of corks on the stage. Ok. Maybe only 10cwt. I’ve never seen that. And people were on the stage: drummer, actors, jugglers and trapeze artists!
Second act was good too! Started out with that rolling appartus that people climb into, and ONTO, all at once, whilst rolling over people lying on stage.
Am worn out just with the applause 🙂
Must get some sleep.

G’nite All.