Up later than usual on a Monday morning. Which was good. After TaiChi, I was perfectly timed to book a visit to the Sky Garden in London 🙂

Out for a stroll with breakfast as first priority. 
Found a nice schnitzel roll to go with fresh orange juice, followed by a cafe con leche. 

Then across the river, taking this shot from the footbridge……

Walking along the river, I came across a Christmas market, and a Picasso exhibit.

Around the corner,  there was the Guggenheim……

Canadians have a lot to answer for!
But still looks better than the other new builds……

Walked back to the hotel. Checking on my bike. The chain was looking rusty a few days ago. Looks OK now.
Back in my room, did some research.
Then outside looking for food. Found a Chinese that served OK veggie noodles 🙂

Then more of a walkabout. 
HEALTH WARNING: Bilbao is steep! Reminds me of Portugal. You come walking here, you’ll become fit. Here is one staircase. Three quarters of the way up……

Where’s the lift?
Found an escalator a few hundred yards away, that helped up part of the hill. Too late! I’d already climbed to the top of the church steeple! haha

After a bit more strolling, decided it was time to go back. 
Easier going down.
Ended in the building by the river, from my first photo, above. Is a market and tapas bar. And yes I did 🙂 Vino tinto, and some cocktail tapas.

Walked across the road and found a vegan brownie, and a cup of Earl Grey…….

Stopped by at the cathedral. That’s the spire you see in the photo above.
My favourite part? It was built as a cathedral even when it was a parish church.  Now that is faith!
The tour took much longer than expected. Especially as the church is very simple inside. 

Back to the hotel. The rain had started as I entered the vegan cafe, and was now coming down in earnest.

Fiddled around with some stuff for tomorrow. Planning is a pre-requisite. But that is pretty easy. Even if I have to prepare for a mini cruise, and arrive fresh in Portsmouth.
Spent some time listening to a book, ‘Ancient Aliens’. Best part is trying to follow up on the claims. Lots of fun. One of the sidelines was the book ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail‘. A really good read that I bumped into a long time ago. Quite a bit before Dan Brown. 
By the way, if anyone knows of the Peruvian plant that softens stone, do let me know. Just stories on the web.

Out for supper.
Same more noodles from same Chinese place.
Then a vino tinto on the way home. 

Well. I need to pack. 
G’nite All. 

ps: the boat trip takes till Wednesday morning, so you won’t be hearing from me till Thursday. That’s because Barry is taking me to Panto! 
“Oh no he isn’t”
“Oh yes he is”
Ad infinitum  🙂