Thursday was a quiet day. Till the evening, when Barry, Toni and I went out for supper. Good times.

Friday up early and TaiChi.
I rode to pickup and drop-off some port, with lots of chat.
Weather still misty and damp. So gave the bike some TLC.
Then prep’d for my travels.
That evening Barry and I popped into The Grapes, but closed for a private party 🙁
We picked up a Chinese take-away, and sup’d at home. Drank a bottle of organic red, that I’d brought from Bilbao. Was nice. Especially as it was only 4euros 🙂

Saturday up early to extra TaiChi and finished packing.
Toni drove us to the bus station, and we were driven to London. Fun cabby getting us to our hotel.
Unpacked, a pint, then a burger.
Then a rest, but I proved restless. Did some research. Ended up putting Barry onto a bus, whilst I walked to the Ukrainian Club. Met up with Barry outside a nearby pub. Good job I had the exercise. Two plates of this required some space……

Oh happy days!
Luckily I did not have a bus pass. Barry does, so he hopped onto a 148 bus, whilst I had to walk back. Included a mulled cider at the Swan, a pub from 1721 😉
Back at the hotel, to find Leicester, down 2-1 and with only 10 men, managed to squeeze out a draw with ManU.
And so happily to bed.

Nice to be in Londinium again.