Merry Christmas in Londinium

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Christmas Eve meant a late start on a Sunday morning.
Barry and I made our way to Westminster Abbey. Confirmed the process for carols, then caught a random bus.
Ended up at Hampstead Heath, where a cafe-crawl netted a brisket sandwich, and flourless chocolate cake.
The bus got us back to Westminster Abbey. See Barry outside…….

where we had an excellent carol service……

Popped into the George Inn for a nightcap, then back home.

Christmas Day was up late. Nothing to do till lunch, so watched a couple of Carry On movies 🙂
Had three tasty courses……

Quite liked the white wine.
And the balloons. Hilarious! Elongated sausages that flew around the room in a random fashion. One or two were very close to the singer 🙂

Dinner ended with the Queen’s Christmas message on the big screen. Perfect.

One of the younger chaps at the table, encouraged me to have a rum or two afterwards. Why Younger? Oldest was 91. And after the amount of wine he consummed, I was impressed that he was able to get up !
So, yes. Just us youngsters carried on. Even Barry went back to his room.

The evening was still young, as we youngsters wrapped up the after-party.

A cab took me to Claridges. Where I reprised last year, though on my own.
Am not sure about upside-down Christmas trees.

The walk home was in sleet. Then rain. So no white Christmas here.

One nightcap to warm me up, and bed.

Boxing Day up early, so back to sleep. Not hungry, as Christmas dinner was very filling.

I took Barry for a stoll to Claridges. We sat and enjoyed the ambiance before continuing onto Leicester Square.

Now I can be a geek. So the ability to print anything you want onto M&M’s appealed to me. hahaha. Brilliant. So I have a cup of M&M’s with my photo printed on them 🙂

Then we walked over to a noodle place in Chinatown……

Now it was time for Panto 🙂 The Palladium did an excellent job again.
How many innuendos can you make with Dick Whittington? Most of the first act! hahahaha
Second act the cast really got into their stride. Awesome.

Then Barry and I walked back to the hotel for a nightcap.
And I updated this blog.

And may your God go with you.