Walked down to the front desk. No cancellations for the New Year’s Eve party. 
It’s Sunday, and the Ukrainian Social Club is open 😉 

Pouring rain. But are we worried? No! Caught the bus.
Rain stopped, more or less, by the time the bus dropped me off in front of the club. 

Inside found some borsch and salo, to go with the Laphroaig. All for medicinal purposes. Honest……

A bit later had some cabbage rolls…….

A final Laphroaig, and back to the hotel.
Had a rest.

Then started towards a Thai restaurant that Barry and I ate at last year. Was closed. Probably just as well. Wasn’t that hungry. 

London goes pedestrian for NYE, from Oxford street to the river. So it was a long walk. Made longer by going in the wrong direction! hahaha
Still. Saw a Bentley/Roller dealership, and lots of pretty Christmas lights.

Wandered through Piccadilly, the Garrick (couldn’t get a drink), and Trafalgar Square. But decided to walk to the river. Most of the river-bank is fenced off, and you need to be a ticket-holder. So walked west till I found a good spot, for free.
Just for medicinal purposes, I had a scotch or two, enroute. 
Nice fireworks. Both lots. 

Ended up walking back to the hotel. Buses weren’t running till I was halfway back. And all full.  

Into bed after a cuppa. 

Monday morning up and sort out details for getting to and from Heathrow

Back to bed. I seem to have a low grade flu. 

Up late afternoon.
Mushroom ravioli……

Fish with blackpudding mash and kale……

Nice chat with a couple from South Shields. 

Then I went to bed. Yup. Must be poorly. 
Still, James Bond (Spectre) was playing.

Up before the alarm on a dull Tuesday morning
TaiChi was iffy. Felt off-balance a lot. So yes. I have a cold! 

Full breakfast, but not a lot.

Leave the luggage in the hotel whilst popping off to Selfridges for a Christmas cake. 
Sold out 🙁 Knew I should have bought one on Friday. Drat. Just didn’t expect the cake to survive the trip. Will be more on Wednesday. But I’ll be in Lviv.
Am well below my Christmas cake quota this year. Last year I was rescued by Flowers&More who gave me a whole cake 🙂 I did share. But you have to be quick 😉

Back at the hotel to dry out, and update this blog.
Yes it is raining again.
Still. 11degC and rain in London, beats -10degC and snow in Toronto;)

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

Robert says:

We have not even cut our Xmas cake yet though Mandy and Boris said the one Eilene made for them was delicious, So moist and tasty and very moreish with a glass of port.

I may even save you some. 🙂

biker says:

Yes please!
🙂 🙂 🙂

Robert says:

Consider it done. 🙂

biker says:

Thank you!