Breaking the rules.
When flying:
(1) Direct flights only
(2) Carry-on luggage only
Broke both of my rules on this trip. For some reason, it seemed like a good idea when I booked. But on the plane at Heathrow, already 45mins late and sat on the tarmac another 30mins, seemed I should have stuck to my rules.
Connection process was very smooth. Handlers directing us to the right gate. Where, despite being one hour and 15mins late, we found our conection had been delayed, and we would get on board. 
Landed in Lviv some 40mins late. 
Customs was a breeze. 
Suitcase popped up on the conveyor, minutes later.
Driver waiting for me. Good driver. Shortest route to hotel. 
Checked in. 
Showered. Long shower.
To bed.  
Sometimes it’s OK to break the rules. Sometimes.

Awoke to a grey Wednesday morning. 
Down for breakfast. 
Ooooops. Had not adjusted my cell-phone’s alarm clock properly. An hour off. 

So out to see what the world had to offer. 

Updated my cell-phone plan. Am on the expensive one, so it turns out.

Popped into St George’s cathedral……

I went in search of sustenance. Found some green borsch……

Followed by a shashlik

That was me done. So back for a nap. 
This cold/flu has really got hold of me now. 

Am in Lviv. 
Ukrainian Christmas (Rhizdvo), here I come.

Hkristos vrodivsya!

Richard says:

Merry Christmas

biker says:

dzin-ku-ye bar-dzo!