Roman TheCook was there to meet me at the train platform. Well, there was no platform. It was one giant leap for a man.
We bad each other well, and went out of the station to meet Roman Mudrii.

We all went to meet Vasyl, who plied us with vareniki and other foods. There was also horilka. Which I did my best to keep to a minimum.

We then got to Delyatyn.

After dark, once the first star was out, we had Svyat Vechir at Roman TheCook’s home.
Where true to promise, no alcohol.
Not how I grew up. We always had a couple of “waifs & strays” over for Svyat Vechir, and the grown-ups always had a charka or two. After we kids went to bed, the carol singers would arrive, and stay late into the night. The house filled with the sound of ko-lya-di.
Talking of ko-lya-di, the girls all turned out to be very good singers. Most of the family are musicians. Yurko (Roman’s son) being the lone non-musician in the family.

The next day, Sunday
, up to a nice day.
TaiChi went AOK.

Then I found an M&M fan in Roman’s great-grandson. He happily took all those M&Ms with my photo. Even had an M&M dispenser. One of the most articulate 2yr olds I’ve ever met.

Next was a stroll through the hills. Nice sunny day. With daisy flowers already out……

Hard to believe this is winter 🙂

Carol singers interrupted the stroll. Nice interruption. One lady made a bee-line for me. Could not believe someone was walking along wearing just a short-sleeved shirt. Said I was “hot”. Gave me a hug. It’s been a while since someone has referred to me as hot. I’m just hoping she wasn’t thinking of me as a radiator 🙂

Ended up at a friend of Roman’s, where we had a chat, a little horilka, and lots of brinja.
This chap used to put on bombs and missiles to the MIG aircraft, that would have dropped them on me in Germany.
Huge character. Used to be a coal-miner. Good craic.

As darkness fell, we left there and walked the 5km back home.

Monday morning up at 5am. Too early.
Awoke again at 9am.
Yurko invited me over for coffee and cake. Perfect.
Turned out to include two meals. Yikes!
Then back to Roman’s for a third. Help!

Then onto the bus and back to Yaremche.

A visit to the local museum. No Roman Mudrii, but his wife there. Nice little museum.

Farewells, then onto the train.
Shared a compartment with a baker. No samples 🙁 Was returning home.

Longer trip back.
Arrived in the dark and cold. Had been snowing in Lviv. But none left on the streets.

Another long hot shower. My cold has moved onto my chest. So this shower was really nice and long.
Then prep’d for departure.

Awoke before the alarm on Tuesday morning.
Updated the early part of this trip, on the blog.

Olesh came over and we went for coffee.
Caught up.
Said our farewells.

Now I am sat in the hotel lobby, awaiting my ride to the airport.

See you in England.

Thus endeth Christmas in Ukraine.