Main tasks done.
Updated my blog.
Found I had a bunch of correspondance to catch up. The paper variety.
Was after 2100hrs when I went in search of the Correos (post office). Pity. They closed at 2030hrs. 
Still, I was close to Laurel, where all the tapas bars are. haha.

Finally closed on the black pudding on a potato pancake……

Then a really nice meat croquette.
Both with a vino tinto 🙂

Back to the hotel.
Setup my book at bed-time.
And a reasonable time to bed. Happily knowing Leicester won their FA Cup 3rd Round replay. Thank you Richard.

Awoke on a Wednesday morning at 9am. Think the three weeks of Christmas have worn me out.

Booked a place nearer to Laurel (tapas heaven) for the next week.

Barry chimed in with how hard life is. Was sat in the garden at the Phoenix having complained about their lack of Ringwood 49er. Only to find it is on tap! Been there for two years 🙂 Honest. He’ll tell you himself.

I stepped out of the hotel.
Checked the bike and the nearby real-estate agent. 
Posted the letters. HINT: always carry an indelible marker. Post Office prints postage strips which ran over the text I’d written on the postcard. I over-wrote the postage strip.

Checked out the location of my next place. Steps from all the tapas bars 🙂

Then some pork belly whilst confirming Tastavin‘s location 😉
Same tuna 🙂
Same pickes and anchovy.
New tapas, an excellent, excellent, Beef Wellington 🙂

Then a slow walk home, via the Swiss Army knife shop. Though everything is now closed or closing.

A cafe solo, and a nap 🙂

Up to reply to emails. 

Then step out to get some water.
Waylaid by a vegetarian bar, literally under my bedroom window! And they have cider. Had the “steak tartare”……

The wine shop on the corner (buy by the gallon, or two) had water. And 5euro cava 😉
Job done, but less than 100yds walked, so strode out a bit.
Found a laundrette. 
I think I like the neighbourhood 🙂
Wandered around a bit more then to bed.

Thursday awoke around 8am.
Lay in bed listening to the Beeb for half an hour, then got up.
First parade, then brought the bike over. 
Loaded up and ran off to a motorcycle washpoint. 

Been a while. Figured that the bike needed a wash. There is some salt on the road. And, the bike has spent some three days aboard the briny sea. 
Then TLC and check the oil. All good. 

Arrived early at my new home. So popped into a cafe for breakfast.
Then just 10mins early rang the doorbell. Ismael let me in, and explained the setup. Plus the best place to park.

Heart attack reading the parking prices. 20euros a day.
Luckily I was able to ask a chap, who explained the sliding scale. The longer you stay the cheaper it is. Paid my 45 instead of the 120 euros and walked home.

Found an EXCELLENT fish tapas……

then home to unpack properly.

Popped out in the evening to do some shopping. Then back and cooked supper. That was really nice. Both the doing and the result 😉

Friday morning up before 8am
More of the above.
And that how it will be for the next few days.

Have to keep house.
And as Fritz guessed correctly, I am above a bar. What he did not know is that there is a bar across the street, 4 to the right, 3 to the left. And that is only until you get to a corner!

G’nite all.
Am signing-off starting Friday, 2018Jan19