A serious number of tapas bars.
All with quaffable wines. The tapas bar next door has their own, excellent red vermouth. ‎
Some bars have outstanding tapas! And it’s BRILLIANT fun, finding out which one!

Seriously good food. 
eg: La La Galeria “Home again, home again, jiggy di jig.” 
Nice to be remembered. 
Even nicer to have nice food 🙂 So far, had an outstanding mushroom risotto.

There are two theatres, and a special events auditorium. 

Even the main theatre does weird 🙂
Eg: ‘Boris&Ingrid’. Quirky.With a young musician that I thought stole the show. Used sampling to build layers to his playing and singing. Clever. A good musician and singer. Not a bad stripper either. But you had to be there.

My favourite is an “off-Broadway” theatre.
Type of play?
One was about a car crash, and insurance scams. You had to be there 🙂

This theatre doubles as a cinema. Mainly on Wednesday nights. Showing classic/cult movies, in a variety of languages. 
One such was ‘Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot‘.

Fresh vegetables.
Organic market on Saturdays. 
Regular markets every day. 

Fresh bread every day.

Personal favourites?
(1) Homemade orange&chocolate galleta (cookies/biscuits)
(2) Corner shop that has Pedro Ximenez sherry AND Jamon de Teruel
(3) Organic shop that carries Canadian maple syrup
(4)‎ Tongue sausage with pistachios. 

Am in a two bedroom apartment, where Julia  comes in to clean once a week. All the above, is within easy walking distance. ‎
And the bike has underground parking. 

Even when it snows all morning, this is the effect……

…..and even that disappears in the afternoon. 

So this is my valentine to Spain 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

Richard says:

And to you too!

biker says:

Don’t worry. Weather cloudy and only 11degC.
Down from sunny and 16degC, on Friday 😉

June says:

Valentine schmalentine , not a fan.

However, your love affair with Spain sounds perfectly wondrous!
Long may it be so.
Happiness & Serendipity!

biker says:

Not too keen on the old Roman valentine’s day traditions myself!

June says:

Ha ha!