All Good Things Must Come to an End

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My time in Logrono draws to an end.

For those who have missed my pictures of food, see below!

During this stay in Logrono, I took a few day-trips
(1) Birones – come for the wine museum, stay for the bottle-openers! Seriously. More bottle-openers than you can imagine
(2) Arnedo – shoe/boot capital of Spain. LOTS of choice, in LOTS of shops, but none that fit my feet 🙁
(3) La Guardia – come for the dancing clock, stay for the streets

As for Logrono, here are a few tips…….

For excellent if EXPENSIVE sushi, try Kiro Sushi. (Ed.Note: They have their first Michelin Star a few days after my lunch)
Seats only 10 at the bar. Nice nigiri keeps arriving, one piece at a time, until lunch is over 🙂


An excellent steak can be had at Carbonera Taberna.
Best potato-omlette ever…..

EXCELLENT steak (and huge)……

If you don’t eat all the steak, it leaves room for apple crumble……

All washed down with the restaurant’s suggested Rioja……

…… a 2015 Hado, which hit all the right notes.
ps: enough steak left over for TWO meals at home.

And last, but not least.

Tonight saw me make a final stop at Tastavin……


Friday is packing day. Been two months since both boxes were on the bike. Will take a memory refresh. So have dedicated Friday to packing, re-packing, re-packing,…… 🙂

Why am I leaving?
Most of me is ready for the road. It has been a while. And I do need to get back to Canada.

When am I leaving?
Saturday is “dia de vamanos” 🙂 Will head first to Soria. A different route to Valladolid.

Tuesday back here, for a final supper at La Galeria.

Wednesday is the boat to Inglaterra.


Just writing this entry makes me feel as if I am missing Spain already.

I know the world is full of nice people. After all, I have travelled lots of it. But Logrono in particular, has been kind to me.
Am going to miss:-
– Julia, who cleans every week, and is one of the nice people
– being in the heart of Logrono’s tapas district
– being within easy walk of everything. From shops to theatres.
– my own washer/dryer
– my own cooking
– comfy sofas
– coming home
Especially, coming home.

Stephen says:

Oh Lucifer you sound so forlorn

biker says:

just a tad forlorn 🙂

Richard says:

Hasta la vista amigo.
See you soon….ish

biker says:

hasta 🙂

biker says:

Forgot to mention …….
(1) “Kung Hoi Fat Choi” or “Shin Yen Kewei Lion” for the Year of the Dog
(2) Hats-ridiculous on St.Patrick’s day at a nice Irish Pub in Logrono 🙂