Friday morning sunny as I rode to the ‘Soldier of Fortune‘ shop. 

Would have liked to take a look around. Bridgnorth sounds nice. But have to be in Wales on Friday, the shop is closed on the weekend.

NICE view of a valley and hills as I crossed the border into Wales. 
Found the store.
Found the British Army issue boots. 
None that fit my feet 🙁
They no longer come in different widths. The bean-counters have taken over 🙁

But I did find a velcro patch with my blood group……
Yes. On my new jacket.
Just in case a motorist forgets the mantra “Look once. Look twice. Think bike!”

Rode back and parked in Llangollen at my B&B. Was early. So went to see a real life Thomas-the-Tank engine!

And took a steam-train ride.

Nice train trip, back towards Corwen. Saved me a bit of a walk. One of the sights listed is the Horsehoe Falls. Was going to walk out there, but saw it from the train.
For all those who have seen the Horseshoe Falls in Niagara, be warned. Llangolen’s version should really be called “Horseshoe Weir”. haha

Checked out the canal boat trips. 

Then out for a pint. 
The Sun Inn was closed till 7pm so popped into the Hand Hotel. Good craic. One OK beer.
Then back to the Sun. Drinking half-pints, tried all their beers.
Barmaid of Canadian heritage 🙂
And met another Leicester City supporter 🙂

Nice evening. 
Early night. 

Up on Saturday for a full breakfast.
Nice chat with a young couple down from Yorkshire.

Mailed some items. 
Did some banking. 

Off to see the Eisteddfod pavilion, in the rain.
I can now say that I have sung at Llangollen…..

Maybe one day I’ll be on the stage! haha 🙂

Back for a canal boat ride to see the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. Nice view……

Back to the hotel. and planning session for tomorrow. 

Then for a stroll. The day’s rain was over. 

Tried a bowl of Wonton Soup, followed by Peking Duck. Nice enough.
Messed a tooth repair from Wednesday. A bone snuck into one of the peking duck pancakes. Back at the B&B tried a super-glue repair.  Seemed to work.

Match of the Day. Showed highlights of today’s English Premier League games. Including Leicester’s loss to Newcastle. Ah well. 

Sunday up to find the repair to the tooth had failed. If at first you……, so tried again.
TaiChi and breakfast.

Heading to Leicester and family.
TomTom made it interesting.
When I passed the young lady on a horse (carefully as always), she said something that sounded like “this is not a road”.
She was right! hahaha! One muddy track, twisties, up and down. No road. The lady was correct. There was no road.
Bike was impeccible. Took me in and out, safely. No drama.

Happy Ukrainian Easter!