Rode into Leicester depite TomTom’s final efforts to dissuade me! TomTom tried to send me along a bike path. I kid you not.

Found Paul who helped me sort out the bike, avoiding the birds 😉

After unpacking, tea and chat, not necessarily in that order, we went for supper.
Smoked salmon, followed by liver and onions……

OK food. Not quite the haute cuisine promised. More like one level above good pub food.

Monday I rode over to take a look at the old homstead. Big changes.
All the outbuildings have gone. Replaced by a lawn. Not sure how that will work. Sooner or later the new owners will find the driveway and concrete pads. Pity all the fruit trees and bushes have gone.
Here is the panorama along the side……

No idea when the bathroom has gone to. Used to be attached to the kitchen, but now holds a breakfast table. Big Wolf stove in the kitchen. Remains of the chimney all gone.

Then to Corby to see big brother Walter, for a chat and some green tea. 

Across town and overnighted at June&Graham.
Stayed a bit longer. Comfy bed.
June cooked.

Am now sipping a bad latte in Duxford Aircraft Museum. Have ridden by this place lots of times without having a chance to visit. Glad I did. Nice place. All sorts of British and American aircraft. LOTS of walking. 
However, bring your own sandwiches. Food is so-so. As is the coffee.

Whilst at Duxford, managed a follow-up on my taxes. The main work was done yesterday. Just needed a tweak today, and a follow-up with the CRA.
All done from my bike. I love technology when it works!

Auf weidersein!

ps: visited Ely cathedral. Come for the view (not. It was very misty). Stay for the real ham sandwich, and cup of real parsnip soup……

pps: according to Walter, the front bedroom was chopped in half to make a new bathroom

June says:

It was good to see you too.
And Duncan says thanks for the Stilton cheese!

biker says:

Any man with a TVR deserves Stilton 🙂