Heidelberg done and dusted. All the usual stuff plus a week of 33degC weather!

Ran down towards Zurich

Switzerland gives this feeling of everything in it’s place, and a place for everything. 
And today, spring was definitely in it’s place. Blossoms on the trees. Crops blooming. And church bells, announcing another wedding

Stopped off at a small Swiss town for an espresso, then found they had more than gelato. Ordered this pasta, withe asparagus, feta and butter……. 🙂

Suitably refreshed I rode the rest of the way to my hotel. Parked outside. Registered. Unpacked. Then off to find parking. 
Hotel’s recommendation had two things wrong with it (1) 67CHF for 24hrs (2) opens 11am on Saturday.
Scouted the small parkette, but no free spots.
Rode to the next garage. 24hrs and only 39CHF if gone by 9am.
Rode on and found a Honda motorcycle dealer. Nice guys at Moto Taiana pointed out some free spots.
I duly parked, then gave the bike some TLC.

Back to the hotel. Checked for where I could find a watering-hole and the bankers. In the same location. What a coincidence 😉

By the way, when I arrived, it was sunny and 28degC in Zurich.
Checkout this selfie……

Once across the bridge, I walked along “rich-street”. Patek-Philippe, next to UBS, next to Hermes, Mont Blanc, etc

Found the side-street with Zum Knorf, where I had a nice competently cooked supper……

I continued my walk, to the site of a 13th century castle, where I took this selfie……

Recognise the spires?

Across the bridge to a funky area. Then closed the loop, walking by my bike, and home.

“Time for bed” said Zebedee

ps: last night’s conversation had an American and a Newfie reminiscing about Swindon’s Magic Roundabout. hahahahahahahaha ! why am I laughing? Survived the roundabout as a passenger, with Ola driving. She’d be laughing too 🙂