Oh sneaky!
Once on the ferry to Corsica, and underway, the announcement came that instead of disembarking at 8am, we will be up at 5:30am, in order to disembark at 6:30. Ouch.

Tuesday morning up before 5:30am.
Then wait. 
Fell asleep, standing up whilst listening to my tunes. Must have. Otherwise I would have heard the announcement “Move your bike LUBKO”. haha. Truth? If they had used those words I would have heard.
Walked downstairs to find my bike was in the way of a huge door, keeping trucks and other bikers, on the boat. Pushed the bike forward, and out of the way.
Rode off.
As far as the first roundabout where a cafe beckoned 🙂

One proper latte later, the rain began, so I rode off to the centre of Bastia, then to the cathedral.
Found parking at a nearby cafe and settled down. Strolled. Nothing open. Well it is May 1st, a holiday.
Found a suitable bagette, at a nearby bakery. Rain still coming down, but hardly noticeable, now I have become used to it.
Museum still closed, well past opening time, so time to move on.

The ride to the hotel was full of twisties, rain and blustery wind. Stopped after a while to put on another layer. Whilst doing that, received a friendly wave from an Alfa Romeo that had been following me.

Rode up into the hills. Glad of the extra layer, as the temperature dropped. The view was quite nice when the clouds lifted, such as here……

Was a 3hr trip to the Ajaccio hotel, where I arrived cold and hungry. Too early for my room, but needed lunch.
Put the bike into the hotel’s indoor parking, and went for a steak lunch….

What? You have all seen steak, and this one was only OK, better than much in the UK. But not worth a photo. The wine was better, though surprisingly cold. Much better once warmed up. And only a half bottle.

Back to reception, and checked into the room.
Covered up the bike. Too wet for TLC.
Then back to my room, and lay out my gear for drying out.
And checked for what to see.

Then it was time to take awalk to shake off the tiredness. If I go to bed early, I awake early, and then need to go to bed early, so……etc

Interesting town centre, some 2km from the hotel. Two closed cinema buildings. One of which had an alley way.
Now I cannot resist an alley. So descending the steep narrow covered alley, in a small courtyard I found Da Mama restaurant, and the food smelled good. Walked inside and asked for a table. Taken across the courtyard to another building, which is when I noticed that the kitchen was in a third building. This is new 🙂
As I was reviewing my menu, two young ladies sat at the table next to mine, and took pity on my French. We chatted. Turns out that both are in the medical profession, bikers, and rock-climbers. Made for a convivial evening, supported by (in my case) an excellent fish soup, fine fresh fish, and a creme brulee.

Awoke to a grey Wednesday morning.

Walked to Napolean‘s birthplace museum. Funny what humble origins a world shaker can have 🙂

Lunch was at a turistico trap. Turned out to have a properly cut and cooked steak, with truffled mushrooms……

Back to the hotel and picked up on my paperwork. Easy to do in this awful weather. 
Maybe the hilly, scrub covered terrain, with blustery cold winds and rain gave Napoleon his character.
Sure was easy to stay indoors.

And after a while, put away the work, and to bed.

Awoke just after 8am on a Thursday morning. Still a grey day. But the rain appears to have stopped 🙂

Carry on with my paperwork. Is a bit more than I thought.

Then out for lunch at A Nepita.
Had stopped by yesterday, making a reservation for today. As the maitre di’ sat me, he apologised for the spelling of my name. “Call me anything you want. Just don’t call me late for lunch(sic)” 🙂

Nice veggie rissotto with real peas…….

Outstanding roast veal, on even better cabbage. Covered in a little au jus, served with a mushroom foam and polenta wedge…..

Finishing up with a tasty deconstructed rhum-baba……

Walked around Ajaccio, afterwards, as a constitutional, and to do some shopping. Found everything but bootlaces.

Back to the hotel to give the bike some TLC. Being indoors seems good for the bike!

Did the rest of my paperwork.
Due to the laptop issues I was behind on my year-end actions.I was. All caught up now.

Popped out for a small burger, and a glass of red. This time the glass held wine at the proper temperature 🙂

Back in my room, confirmed all my paperwork is done.
Am sure it was simpler and easier when I did it on paper!

And so to bed.

Up on Friday morning.  
First Parade for the bike.
Another damp grey day.
Rode out.

Would have been a scenic route, without the rain, and if the clouds were not so low!
Rode for over two hours before the weather brightened. 
This was some 20mins from the ferry port. Just in time to find a patisserie with the funniest gizmo ever seen. All fillings are on little trays. This gizmo folds the contents of the tray into the chosen baguette. Neat. 
Ate half of the sandwich, put the rest away and rode on.

At the ferry met a bunch of Swiss bikers. All part of the electricity industry, in one form or another. Heading to Italy after 5 days in Sardinia.
We have a destination in common, but they will be leaving the day before I get there. Shame. Nice group.

And as the ferry pulled out, I took this selfie……

Nice when the sun shines 😉