The Sardinian arrival was different.

Pretty bay……

that the ferry pulled a 360 and backed into the harbour. Awesome!

I ran north to my apartment, in a holiday complex.
Parked up in the complex wondering where the reception was. Answer? Right in front of me 🙂
Room close by.
Gave the bike some TLC and moved in. Just as a rain shower came in. That was lucky 🙂

The site has a small store, swimming pool and restaurant. All closed till high season in July.  But the cafe was open. And serving mirto……

and coffee.

Met one of the management team, ‎Julian who spoke English and helped me with my turistico questions. I complimented him on his English, to find that he lives part-time in London, with his Polish fiancee. Passed along the “five phrases” he will need once married. And explained that he can only use those five phrases 🙂

Then back to my room and update the blog for Corsica.

Awoke early Saturday morning to the sound of heavy rain, so back to sleep. Awoke again, and the sun was shining. Sleep is good for you 🙂

Rode into Palau.
Nice little place. Full of diving, sailing and surf shops.
And an excellent rotisserie where I had brunch……

Picked up a few items for “Ron” and rode home.

Pottered around, doing laundry and things.
Then watched the sun going down from my balcony……

Final mirto, espresso and chat, then to bed.

Awoke Sunday morning to another clear day.
Loaded up the bike and rode off along the coast road, heading west, to this ancient pyramid……

Nice tour by a Cypriot doing his Masters in Archeology !

Then headed towards the second largest city in Sardinia, Sassari.