Running into Sassari, I stoped at the gates and copied in the location of this Motorrad dealer. The bike has been hesitant in the mornings. And the service notice has come up. Plus the rear brake is begining to bind again 🙁

Rode in and parked in front of the cathedral……

Then to the B&B. A bit early but they were setup.
Moved in.
Andrea came late to take my monies, and give both riding and eating suggestions 🙂

Walked into town. Had Sardinian vareniki (culurgiones)……

which were really good. Light fluffy dough, and a potato-cheese filling!
Beans in garlic and pork were OK, though the pork could have been crunchy. 
Lambs feet were an aquired taste, IMHO. Shades of Chinese chicken feet.‎

Walked home. 
Was told that downtown is not a nice place to be after dark. No worse than daylight to me. But then again, the place looked sketchy. Not bad. Just a little off kilter. 

Awoke Monday morning.
Rode out to BMW.
Found a chap who’s Aunt lives in Etobicoke (suburb of Toronto, where I used to live, a long time ago). 
We sorted out what needed to be done. They cannot take a look till tomorrow, so I guess I’ll pick up the bike Tuesday.

I walked home. ‎A tad warm.‎ Glad to unload all the gear.

Then out for lunch. Random turistico bar, for their spaghetti carbonara. They gave me the pint bottle of beer, instead of the regular size. Almost complained 🙂

Wandered around some more.
Found a mirto.
Found a touristico office (closed Mondays). 
And a Timberland store (boot laces, I hope). 

Sardinia closes 2:30-4:30pm. Much like Spain and France. Am sat in a cafe wondering whether I should have another mirto, or go home and have a nap. 
Waited till the Timberland shop opened, and though they did not have boot laces, directed me to a place that did 🙂

Walked home, picking up some cheese and fruit.

Spent the evening reloading NavFree on my BlackBerry Q10. It is the better map app.  Long story why I deleted it.

Awoke early Tuesday to wrap-up the NavFree map downloads. Gigs of data had to be downloaded.

Walked downtown. Am begining to know this city.
Found the library, housed in a 15th century palace. Was the 3rd attempt. NavFree does work well 🙂

Tourist information office open. Gave me directions to the old Roman walls, though as they said, not much left. 
On the way there caught the main fountain, that used to serve as the city’s primary water supply. If you peer down the steep hill, you will see the rectangular fountain……

Built in the 17th century, 300 water carriers and their donkeys used to distribute water from here.

Popped into this nearby restaurant……

for a veggie dish. Home cooking. Glass of wine. Nice. 

This restaurant had books. Even one by Coleridge.
Books seem a staple of Sardinian restaurants!

Stopped by at the market. Bought supper. 
Walked by the old market. Less accessible, but think I like the old one better.

Then on to the Sardinian Brigade’s HQ and museum. 3rd time. Still closed. Each time I visit it’s closed and am told “Demani”. Shame. Made it’s name pushing back the Austro-Hungarian Empire in World War I. Most decorated unit in the Italian army. 

Walked home. 
Andrea helped me get a taxi organised for tomorrow.

Supper and an early night. 
Big day tomorrow. 
Pick up the bike.
Visit two coastal towns. 
Then across the island for supper.

As for Sassari? It has grown on me. Full of cats. Run down. Pizza everywhere. And an edge to it. But I like it.

Wednesday morning up early. Way before the alarm.
Prep for departure.
Then outside for the taxi.

Good news. BMW could not find anything wrong with the bike AND did not charge me!
Bad news. Same slight hesitation as I rode away.But not when the bike was standing. Rear brakes OK. And when Paulo called me yesterday, I thought he’d given it an oil change. Not so. Doesn’t matter. Am sure that this is due out of sync with actual oil-changes.

Back and sort out some over-billing in the UK.
Then pack and ride out.

Rode to Alghero.
Start of a scenic costal road. Followed it all the way to Bosa. Where I stopped for a light lunch.

Weather co-operated. Very misty at times, but the rain held off. Here is me overlooking Bosa. Castle just to the right and up a bit from the right-angle of the town. And next to me is what I assumed to be a WWII pillbox……

There were more pillboxes on the road. Looked a dicey proposition. All sorts ofways to attack other than the road

So the weather stayed, as above, till I was well away from Bosa. Then the rain began.

See you in Olbia.