Sardinia – Barumini – 2018May14

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The rain stopped shortly out of Nuoro. There were a few light drizzles, but the temperature was climbing up from 11degC, so they were refreshing.

The lack of sleep caught up with me after some 50mins  of highway running so I pulled into a village and stopped at what I thought was a grocery store. Beeeep. hahahahaha. The store was called “Gregory” not grocery. My excuse was I was minding the potholes. But the stop fulfilled the objective. I was now refreshed. 

Rode on some 20mins and filled up. There was a restaurant, so a tea and a sandwich took care of me.

The remaining ride was green valleys and minor roads. Then Su Nuraxi
appeared, and I found a bona parking spot. 

The next tour started in 10mins, so off we went.
Firstly, NO-ONE knows how they built the nuraghi. Some stones weigh over 500kg (half a ton) in a time without cranes! The neolithic peoples must have been very strong. For comparison, that is like picking up TWO of my motorcycles!
Here is a photo of a nuraghi ceiling……

(1)yellow light in the nuraghe gives it that golden hue
(2)there is no key-stone. The guide told me that the can take out the top stone, and nothing happens. This implies that each layer was built like an igloo. But unlike an igloo, a nuraghi can be 15m tall on the inside!

Here is a photo of the prehistoric village around the main nuraghi……

Rode on to the Zappatta House, museum. Walkabout then a cup of tea.

Last stop, my hotel.
Close by, so walked over a‎nd checked in. 

Scored a suggestion for supper. As I was bringing the bike to the hotel, I checked the restaurant out. It was closing. Back to the hotel and told Zarah the owner/receptionist. She did not believe me. Called, and was dumbfounded. They were closing. And she’d sent two other guests that way. I was happy that I had checked. Saved a long walk.  

Walked over to the second spot.
Sat in the front yard till someone asked what I wanted. Asked about supper. Told they open at 2000hrs, so went in search of something to do.
Found a neat furniture store. Classy, classic and modern items. Not what I was expecting in a village!
Nearby was a bar selling mirto.
That took care of the hour. 

Supper was a tasty pasta con funghi, with a little truffle oil. Followed by an equally tasty roast piglet. 
All washed down with nice white wine.
Whilst sitting by a stone fireplace big enough to hold a bed.

Short stroll back to the hotel and sleep.

Tuesday morning up to a lemon tea and a pastry.

Rain almost stopped whilst I packed and rode off.
Luckily the rain did stop as I closed on Cagliari.

Found my digs, and my landlord found me. At the same time.
Bike scored indoor parking.

Then time for walk-about.