Sardinia – Cagliari and Exit

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What can I say. Cagliari seems to be a bigger, posher version of Sassari.
With a nature reserve, in_town, right next to the salt pans

First stop was a bite to eat. Scored a late lunch, at a recommendation from a fellow biker – my landlord……

Then onto the archeological museum.
Bit of a climb, as it is in one of the castles. But worth it.
Stopped by at the art, as well as the fabric, museums.

A brief stroll took me to the cathedral.
Then onto the promenade deck. Basically a huge patio built atop the old city walls.

A quick stroll, through the old town, took me home.

Wednesday saw me up early and eager to do two sets of TaiChi.

Hard to do any sight-seeing as I felt as if I had done everything last night 🙂

Needed a new air-pump, so followed mine-host’s directions to a friend’s place near the marina.
10euros scored me a bit of plastic,

As I was near the botanical gardens I wandered in.

The Roman ampitheatre was nearby. But I was ambushed by a pasta truck……

Could eat pasta, and over-look the ampitheatre. Perfect.

Walked on, right past the art museum.
Till I came close to home.
Found a sushi bar. Whereupon I had a chicken udon and a pot of real tea. Felt refreshed enough to do another 5hr hike 🙂

A nap.

Then checkout the new pump.
It works 🙂 🙂 🙂
And will not chew any thread, either on the valve or extension 🙂

Supper was spaghetti, the roast piglet.

Thursday up and even more TaiChi.

Walked over to the nature reserve.

Ambush was an open-air market where I picked up some sausage, onion, cheese and Sardinian flat-bread. Good job too. It was a LONG walk along the canal.

My path took me through Cagliari’s exhibition grounds.
And by the city’s football ground.

At the end of the long canal, found a bar that sold beer:)

Walked on home.

Supper Thursday night started well……

followed by almost over-cooked salmon……

then IMHO, out of the freezer into the microwave tuna 🙁

Went for a grappa. Medicinal purposes.

Up Friday, feeling the effects of the walk.
TaiChi helped somewhat.

Out to find a bottle of mirto. For “sun-downer’s” in Malta.

Pull the bike out of the garage, onto the road, before the next guest arrives.
Then pack and load up.

First ride was to check the location of the ferry. Took three goes!

Then out to the salt-pans.
Had only seen them from a distance yesterday. Might be the best way? Nothing like the pics. While there are flamingos, there are not many, and they seem to spend most of their time with their heads under the water!

Took a ride to the castle seen yesterday. But TomTom took me to an entrance that required walking a long way. In the sun. Wearing armour.

So headed back towards the port, looking for a likely place.
Found the landlord! On his Honda 500. One of the bikes that made my short list. He was riding home.
I rode to yesterday’s sushi bar. Had the all-you-can-eat buffet. That will keep me going till I am on the boat.

Two cafe-stops enroute the ferry, and the blog is up to date!

Ferry leaves at 1930hrs
Saturday 0800hrs I shall be in Palermo, Sicily.

Thoughts on Sardinia?
(1) Nicer weather than Corsica.
(2) Lots of variety. From sun-drenched, sandy coves, to plains, to mountains.
(3) How where the nuraghe built? Or is it just a testament to what we can do instead of watching TV?
(4) Why do I have to keep asking for a spoon to eat my spaghetti?
(5) And did the Romans settle Calgary, with the name being corrupted over the years?