Rode off the Cagliari ferry and into Palermo.
Bad choice! It was Saturday. Market day! The routes TomTom was giving me, were full of stalls and shoppers. No room for my bike. After three tries via TomTom, I resorted to psychic navigation. Did much better, ending up by a tourist information office. 
Who knew nothing about my hotel, except it’s general direction.
Walked over, using NavFree, it was that close. Though the one way system, and the narrow lanes, made “close” seem a perjorative term. Reception gave me detailed directions. I walked them. Easy-peasy ride to the hotel.
Underground parking for the bike 🙂
Unpacked and off in search of a beer. 1.50euro a pint bottle. Just around the corner. Much needed after all the time riding through Palermo!

Then over to Teatro Massimo. Had breakfast near the theatre this morning, when I first rode into town. Saw the building and asked, what it was. Found out that this was an opera house. Hence coming back.
At the box-office I learned that Marriage of Figaro had their next show on Sunday. I’d be on the road for the next ferry. Took a chance on some dance. Show starts at 6:30 this evening. 

Truth is I saw most of Palermo following TomTom’s directions to the hotel. haha.
And I had already visited the archeological museum. Done right after breakfast. And well worth the visit.

Time for a quick nap. 

Then on with the show! 
An interactive dance. Some of it on a proper sprung floor. Had to remove my boots for that.
Was fun.
And I can say that I have danced at the biggest opera house in Italy 😉

Then back for beer and supper.
Palermo was lively. And in a nice setting. By the sea, and mountains……

Slept late on Sunday.
Up around noon.
Took directions from reception on how to get out, and back onto the main roads. Walked the route, just to be sure.
Rode off to Catania.

Nice scenery. Quite the hills, and curvy roads. Blue skies helped.

Rain started a few klicks out of Catania. But did not last long. I found covered parking and gave the bike some TLC. 

Coming into Catania is when the trouble started. 
There are a choice of ports. At least four. All close to each other. And none of the guards claimed to know anything.‎ The signage was no help either. As for my GPS, TomTom just listed three ferry terminals. No details as to which was the one for Malta. I’d done my research in the morning, but Google had proved to be inadequate too! Sad but true, the address sent with my ticket was no help either.
Ended up at a ticket office.
The ticket office gave me a truck to follow. Took me to a gate that was unsigned, and manned by a guard who had spoken with me earlier, denying any knowledge.
After only two hours of riding around the harbour area, I was in the “late queue” for the boat. haha. Normally an hour is plenty of time to sort out these issues.

We crossed overnight to Malta
No cabin. No bed for the night.
And the kitchen only open between 9-10pm
Awoke at 4am. This ability to sleep anywhere is a blessing. 
Boat docked at 5:30am. Valletta looked nice in the dark of the early morning.

I was one of the first off the boat. 

The first oncoming vehicle I encountered was on the wrong side of he road! OoooOoooops! It was me. I’d forgotten that the Maltese drive on the correct side of the road 😉

Found a cafe.
Had breakfast.

Rode onto BMW. Bike needs an oil-change. 
Stood around until a cleaner took pity on me, and explained that the service entrance was on the other side of the building. I’d had enough time to get cash out of an ATM, a cup of tea, and gone for a ride.
With thanks to the cleaner for being so nice, I headed around the building and scored an oil-change. 
Plus a chat with a fellow biker.

Rode on to my hotel.
Parked in-front.
Too early for my room. So went in search of Barry&Toni.

We had a coffee, then they came back with me to my hotel. Oliver (my landlord) gave us a quick tour of the area. Castles, blue skies and blue seas. Why do people come to Malta? 🙂

Once back at my hotel, I unpacked.
Pottered around till it was time to go out for supper.

Nice supper with Barry&Toni. Nice to meet up with friends abroad:)‎