Malta. That was the Week that was!

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 – Sunshine.
 – Clear waters.
 – And history. 
Hard to beat.
Add in old friends, and their family.

We have had some really good meals. At least one a day 🙂
My favourite is Ta’Bertu. Limited menu. Rustic charm. Rabbit was excellent.

Barry&Toni took me around Valletta. Even has a Canadian representative……


I took the bike out for a ride, and to see Mdina. Arabic capital of Malta, in a good defensive position. ‎Not defensive enough, as the knights of St. John took it. Then built the new capital, Valletta. Without gardens. Lots of cisterns to store water, but you can never have too much. So out went the gardens.
Lots things to see in Mdina. Including the grotto where St. Paul is supposed to have preached. 
He was ship-wrecked in Malta, on his way to Rome, as a prisoner. Everyone survives the wreck and makes it onto the island. He then marches into the middle of the big island and start preaching. Guess Paul was tad water-shy? After converting lots of people, including the Roman governor, he got onto the next ship and went to Rome.
A short walk from St. Paul’s grotto is the cathedral……


The next day I tried to get into the Hypogeum. Booked solid. For weeks:( 

So went to the aircraft museum.
Cute place. Has quite the variety of aircraft. I was hoping to see Faith, Hope and Charity, but not to be. The displays, stories and movies still made it a worthwhile visit.

Malta took quite a bashing in World War II, as did the convoys bringing supplies. Malta was awarded the George Cross.

A short ride, some of it along a very scenic coastline took me to Popeye’s Village. Used for the Robin Williams’ 1980 movie. He was great, though unintelligable. Olive Oil was totally annoying, and that takes acting talent. Cartoon brought to life without computer animation. It’s a classic movie. 
Had a smile on my face the whole time I was there 🙂
The area, Golden Bay, is awesome……

Enjoyed Valletta so much that I went a second time on my own. 

Really impressive fortifications, by the Knights of St John. They were pirates. So designed their harbour well.
The Grand Master’s palace, now the Maltese parliament, and a museum with an awesome display of old armour and weaponary.

On Saturday the military bands play a variety of music, from opera to Led Zep. With and without singers. Nice.

That evening after a farewell supper with Barry&Toni, watched the Champions League final. This ended with Real beating Liverpool 3-1 as I predicted. Mind, to get their win, Real did have to crock Salah, and bring on their super-sub Gareth Bale.

Barry&Toni left Sunday. Arrived home safely.

This is Monday afternoon.
I am at the ferry port. Table by the water. Just had fettucine vongole for lunch. 
Had two attempts trying to find my boat. Just about to head out again. Luckily I have at least three hours in which to do it. hahaha

jan (with a small j) says:

Glad to hear you’re having a great time in Malta. Question is, did you get to drink in the bar Oliver Reed frequented? I’m sure I remember you mentioning it…,

biker says:

Now I know why this is supposed to be where Reed had his last drink. He died of apoplexy! High price. Very small “pint”.

Even found a Tottenham Hotspurs Supporters bar! No-one was expecting that! Not even Barry. And before you ask, we did not find a Pompey Supporters bar 🙂

Marks&Sparks for a cuppa. Use the side/rear entrance! Not the main door. Saves a long walk, up and down over the bridge.

All sorts of cute places in Valletta that are worth a try.

Stay away from The Pub!